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3 Signs Fatigue Is Symptomatic of an Underlying Health Condition

How many times in your life have you felt like simply stopping everything you are doing just to find a place to curl up for a nap? We have all experienced that feeling of utter exhaustion at one time or another and usually we know the reason for it. Sometimes we had stayed up too long the night before because we were having so much fun partying. Other times something extremely stressful was going on in our lives which kept us lying awake most of the night with worry.

Now you are experiencing that same kind of fatigue only there doesn’t seem to be a reason for the malaise. Perhaps that fatigue is indicative of some more serious health condition and if this is the case, you should probably get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later.

1. Rest and Sleep Provide No Relief

The first thing you will often notice is that no amount of rest or sleep seems to make any difference at all. After a trip to the doctor, you find that you have been suffering from what was previously called “adult onset diabetes” but is now referred to as Type 2 diabetes. Since it is found most often in adults, unlike Type 1 diabetes typically manifesting in children, it can sneak up on you by surprise. While fatigue is just one symptom of the disease, making diabetes easier to cope with begins with a diagnosis. 

From there, your doctor can prescribe treatments that should begin giving you back much of the energy you have been lacking. To learn more about Type 2 diabetes, check out the Making Diabetes Easier website which has a lot of great information for you to browse. Sometimes the best remedy is understanding what you are dealing with and that’s what this website has to offer.

2. Other Corresponding Symptoms

When fatigue is accompanied by other corresponding symptoms such as headaches, chills, fever, cardiac arrythmiasand a host of other symptoms, you can almost be assured that there is something more concerning than fatigue at play here. While you can’t safely diagnose yourself, you ‘can’ tell your doctor why you suspect something more serious is going on. Type 2 diabetes may be their first underlying illness to test for, but that is because it is the most common cause of unexplainable exhaustion.

3. Symptoms Getting Progressively Worse

Also, if you find that your symptoms are getting progressively worse instead of better after you have found a way to get more rest and perhaps even made changes to your diet, you can almost certainly know that there is a more serious issue to be concerned with.

Sometimes that fatigue will resolve itself once you learn what you are dealing with and have made changes to your lifestyle but other times it will take medical intervention such as insulin for diabetes. Whatever the case, don’t let ongoing fatigue continue to slow you down! It may mean making radical changes in diet and lifestyle, but that’s a small price to pay in exchange for more energy and better health.