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Best Locations around the World for Buying Properties in 2022

Are you looking to invest in real estate this year? Buying properties is mostly a good way to put your money to work, so if you have some funds to invest, stay tuned. When buying properties, location is the key to a successful investment, so make sure to choose the right spot for your investment. Here are the best places to buy properties in 2022, so keep your options open:

Texas, USA

For instance, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the number one metro area when it comes to job growth in the States for 2021. This fact pushed single-family home values to rise and the population to grow. In the future, the entire state of Texas will continue to develop and attract buyers and renters, so your investment property will continue to be profitable. More than 350 people are moving to the area every day, which means that Dallas-Fort Worth will continue to be one of the top real estate markets in 2022 for investing, construction and everything in-between.


There are many reasons why Brazil is one of the top spots for real estate investments in 2022. Firstly, the local currency is highly depressed. In 2022, the US dollar is worth 5.75 Brazilian reals which is an increase from 2021. Secondly, the economy is in recovery. Thirdly, this country always attracts people looking for fun, enjoyment and beautiful nature. All of these reasons allow investors to enter the beachfront living and rental market for a very low cost and reap great returns. For instance, a bungalow on the beach of Ceara State costs less than $60,000!


Colombia is a country with one of the lowest costs when compared to the standard of living. Certain destinations like Medellin and Santa Marta are especially suitable for living, vacationing and investing. Right now, the exchange of the US dollar is very favorable and comes with great exchange rate discounts—it’s possible to get a $190,000 place for $160,000. Rental returns in the country are fabulous, as well as the capital appreciation potential. Also, adventure tourism and high-end tourism are constantly growing in Colombia which is great for the real estate market.


Montenegro is a little Adriatic gem still undiscovered by many big real estate investors, so this might be the perfect time to invest in this promising location. In the past several years, more and more tourists, VIPs and other people are visiting Montenegro, so it might soon become a new Monte Carlo. Before this location blows up in all investor circles, you can check out properties on https://www.montenegroprospects.com/ and see what they offer. Their properties fit every budget and every preference, so you’ll definitely find something to invest in. Buy while the market is still underdeveloped and prosper in the future with your beautiful Montenegrin properties.


Portugal remains one of the best investment destinations in Europe and the world, especially for foreign investors. The Portuguese economy is stable and its location and nature attracts seas of tourists every year. Even smaller cities and coastal towns like Cascais, Algarve, The Silver Coast make for a great investment. Portugal is great for expats, living costs are low, the country is well connected and the market is going strong. And if you choose to live in Portugal, it’s quite easy for property owners to get a visa and citizenship. All in all, this country is great for all people, especially retirees, so if you have money to invest, don’t hesitate to splurge.


This is another country with depressed property markets, yet amazing tourist potential. Morocco is attractive to investors because of its beaches, pleasant weather, low crime rates and diversified economy. Morocco is also exceptionally well connected to Europe and North America. If you’re looking for a rental investment (medium or long-term) or a retirement location, cities like Casablanca, Marrakesh and Agadir are the perfect locations to consider due to their beautiful nature, attractive beaches and tasty food.


The Philippines are famous for its beaches, welcoming people, friendly locals and affordable real estate. In 2022, make sure to keep an eye on this destination, mainly due to low prices, the strong dollar and easy developer terms. This paradise for investors dropped its prices of condos and family homes during the pandemic (parts of Manila dropped prices by almost 20%) but they are slowly recovering and this might be the best time to invest.

Do you like any of these destinations? No matter what kind of property you have in your mind, these locations will provide you with great prices and even better ROI.