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Best Natural Vitamins For Kids

Children are notoriously fussy eaters, and ensuring they get all the nutrients their developing bodies need may be difficult—even more so if they insist on a diet of chicken nuggets and mac & cheese. A multivitamin may assist in filling nutritional shortfalls and reassuring concerned parents.

There is a lot to consider when selecting organic vitamins for kids, so we’ve summarized what you need to know and consider. To begin, we’d want to emphasize that you should always see your child’s physician before starting any supplement or vitamin regimen. Your child’s physician is the finest source of information. 

Should My Child Take A Vitamin?

If your kid consumes a well-balanced diet, there is a strong possibility they will not need vitamin supplementation. However, there are a few instances in which children might benefit from supplementing their diet with vitamins or children’s multivitamins. Consult your child’s physician if any of the following apply:

  • Has a developmental or physical growth delay
  • Is suffering from a chronic illness
  • Is allergic to some foods
  • Has a restricted or limited diet

If your kid is a picky eater, it may be worthwhile to try supplementing with a multivitamin to close nutritional gaps. Please keep in mind that if your kid is on medicines, some vitamins, minerals, and supplements may interfere with them; thus, consult your doctor first.

Best Organic Vitamins For Kids

While the majority of the vitamins on this list are multivitamins, we made sure to include something for every child, even those who are vitamin D and iron deficient.

And, sure, we’ll say it again—consult your child’s physician before starting any vitamin or supplement regimen.

Let us go to the list!

SmartyPants Organics Kids Complete

This multivitamin contains not just the vitamins and minerals you’d expect in a decent multivitamin, but also omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics. It also tastes fantastic, which is beneficial given that children aged four and older may consume up to four candies each day.

These multivitamins, like other SmartyPants Organics products, are USDA certified organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International). Additionally, it is devoid of genetically modified organisms, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, gelatin, soy, peanut, wheat, and tree nuts.

What children will get is a sufficient supply of B12 for immune function and vitality, as well as Vitamin D3 for healthy bones and 12 other critical vitamins and minerals. Probiotics boost digestive health, and the Omega 3s in this multivitamin are vegetarian since they are derived from flaxseed oil.

First Day Kids Multivitamin

This kids multivitamin provides exactly what your child needs in a safe and effective manner. First Day carefully formulates each of its products to maximize absorption and prevent over-supplementation. They don’t include common minerals like calcium or iron because of the high likelihood of overdose when getting these nutrients from a supplement. Picky eaters will love the taste and parents will rejoice over the 80% less sugar than most kids’ multivitamins.

First Day includes organic fruit and veggies in their formula and uses pectin instead of gelatin or other binders that chewable multivitamins typically use. You also won’t find mannitol or other sugar alcohols in their products. Only the ingredients that science has shown are safe and effective for children.

More is not always better and First Day’s approach is an excellent choice for parents that believe their children are not science experiments.

Yummy Bears Organics Complete Multivitamin

Yummy Bears Organics is no stranger to candy. They invented gummy vitamins in 1997. This chewable multivitamin contains 14 vital vitamins and minerals for developing bodies.

Additionally, this multivitamin is allergen-free, since it contains no gluten, dairy, soy, yeast, salt, gelatin, egg, wheat, or peanuts. Additionally, it is free of artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors. Not only are the components organic, but they are also GMO-free.

Although the sugar level is somewhat greater than we want (5 grams), it is made from organic cane sugar. One serving provides 100 percent of the daily vitamin A need for children ages 2-4, 150 percent of the daily folic acid requirement, 200 percent of the daily vitamin E requirement, 167 percent of the daily vitamin B12 requirement, and more. 

Mama Bear Organic Kids Multivitamin

Not only does Amazon’s own brand of organic multivitamins taste delicious, but they’re also reasonably priced. Not only are these USDA-certified organic candies vegan and gluten-free, but they are also naturally fruit-flavored.

Even though it contains just 3 grams of sugar, children like the fruit flavor. Vitamin D, B6, and E are included in these candies, as are all other vitamins and minerals necessary for children to satisfy their daily needs.

Additionally, although they taste fantastic, really young children may have difficulty eating these gummies. They’re somewhat bigger than the other multivitamin gummies on our list. 

How To Choose A Multivitamin For Children

The most effective multivitamin is the one that your kid will take. Consider appealing flavors in a chewable form, but emphasize to your kid that these are vitamins, not candy, and store them in child-resistant containers.

Vitamin D (an essential nutrient for growing bodies that can be difficult to obtain through food alone) and iron (if their diet is deficient in iron-rich foods) are two nutrients that your child may benefit from; choose formulas without added sugars, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavorings, or preservatives.

Additionally, inquire about the multivitamin’s third-party testing—this may reassure you of the product’s purity and absence of specific contaminants.

Overdosing on Vitamins

The one disadvantage of children’s vitamins is that many of them are palatable. Indeed, the food is so delectable that youngsters are inclined to consume more than the serving recommendation. While gummy multivitamins undoubtedly make it simpler for children to take them, they may also represent a concern if youngsters get access to them.

The easiest approach to avoid an accidental multivitamin overdose is to keep them out of reach of youngsters. If the vitamins include iron, isolate them as much as possible. Additionally, it’s a good idea to explain to your youngster why taking too many vitamins might be harmful.