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How to Maintain Your Health While Working from Home

Working from home, or working remotely in general, is a dream for a lot of people. Waking up and having a relaxed breakfast, stretching out, and getting to work in your pajamas, sweat pants, or a bathrobe, with a fresh cup of cocoa, definitely sounds great, doesn’t it?

However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us were practically forced to work from home, and not having a choice made us a bit anxious about the whole thing. We haven’t really had the time or nerves to think about all the benefits of remote work, only about holding out until the quarantine ends.

Now, we can finally do it by choice – many firms have made it possible for people to work remotely if they wish to, if they live too far, or for so many other reasons. And it can definitely feel pretty good. But, while enjoying all the benefits of this kind of work, we also have to talk about all of the things that were important when we did it in quarantine: mental and physical health.

Let us explore ways how to stay healthy while working from your cozy couch.

1. Spread the work and “you” time equally

Even though they are working from their living room, some people tend to sit there and work until the work is done, which seriously takes up time from everything else a person would usually do.

Relax, even at your office you are allowed some breaks; therefore, you can give them to yourself at home. Go for a walk. Play with your dog. Enjoy some cooking or a bath. Then, go back and finish the rest of your work tasks. This is very important – whatever you do, breaks are crucial, because while taking them, the brain has time to settle all the info and refresh itself for the new workload.

2. Eat well and healthily

It’s probably true that there is nothing sweeter than ordering some juicy burgers on your lunch break and energizing yourself with chocolate bars several times a day while finishing a large chunk of work remotely. But, how is that influencing your health?

Sitting at home every workday, on your laptop, and swallowing so much junk food can seriously damage your health. Risks of a stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc., are just some of the main ones.

This is why it is important to always eat some nice home-cooked meals. You can make them yourself or you can ordered some of those healthy oven ready meals if you don’t have much time. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water, and eat some fruit while brainstorming before your next task.

3. Regular workouts are important

When you have an overwhelming job, it’s often difficult to find enough time for a proper workout, especially going to the gym. This happens whether you are working at the office or remotely, from home. But, there are always ways to go around it, to keep your body healthy and fit.

You can easily do some push-ups and sit-ups while waiting for your morning coffee – nobody will see. You can do a run on a treadmill or a home-bicycle ride, even while you are attending an online meeting or finishing some of your tasks.

If you have time for it, be sure to join a gym. If you prefer swimming, go to the pool. Or you can do some jogging before/after your work is done. There are no excuses, exercise is important for everybody.

Following these pieces of advice may seem boring, but it will keep your mind and body much healthier while enjoying all the benefits of kicking your shoes off and working on your laptop by a fireplace.