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How to Prepare Your Home for a New Puppy

Making the decision to introduce a new puppy to your home and choosing the right one that fits in with your lifestyle can be incredibly exciting. With a brand new, four-legged friend, your days will be filled with endless walkies, warm snuggles, and companionship like no other. However, pets are a huge responsibility, and you need to make sure you prepare your home properly so that they are as comfortable as can be. Here are a few pointers to help your pooch thrive at home.

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Do Your Research

According to the UK Kennel Club, there are 221 dog breeds out there – and of course, that doesn’t even include dogs with mixed heritage. One of the most lovable things about dogs is that they all have their own distinct personality, and you will find joy in getting to know your special little friend. However, dogs also tend to possess instinctual behavior traits that are specific to their own breed. Doing your research can help you understand how to care for your dog better, and it can also give you a good indication of theamount of exercise they require. If your new pup is a mix of various breeds, it is still worth reading up on the different breeds so that you have an idea of what to expect.

Doggy Diets

One of the most important decisions you will make for your new pup is the type of food you feed them. There are plenty of options when it comes to your dogs diet. From dry kibble and wet canned food to a raw food diet, it is up to you to choose a diet that you think is best for your pooch. With new arrivals, it is a good idea to stock up on dog food from a pet food supplier before they arrive. As they grow older, you will begin to learn their preferences and can alter their diet as you get to know your new friend better.

Purchase the Essentials

Besides dog food from somewhere like Dr. Marty Pets, you can also prepare for your furry companion by purchasing the essentials in advance. Puppies need somewhere to sleep, bowls to eat and drink from, and a collar with a pet tag to identify them. They will also eventually need a lead for walkies and dog toys to play with.

Create a Safe Environment

Puppies are full of energy, and mischief, and can easily get into mishaps by accident. So, before your puppy even sets foot in your home, make sure you get rid of all the potential hazards and take extra precautions to prevent them from getting into trouble. Everyday household items, such as medication and cleaning supplies, can be hazardous for pets. Not to mention, certain types of human foods and some flowers can be toxic when ingested. Make sure these hazards are out of reach and stored away somewhere safe.Adding safety latches to cupboards and pet-safe gates to doors are proactive ways to ensure your beloved pet stays safe at home.