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Garden trends for summer 2022

The warmer months are almost upon us so now is a great time to update your outside space and get it ready for summer 2022!

Brits have been spending more on their gardens amid two years of lockdown restrictions that made them more important spaces than ever before.

Whether you want to finally get your garden ship-shape, you’ve recently moved and need to renovate or you just fancy a green-fingered makeover, here are four trends for you to bring your space right up to date.


Sustainability isn’t just a trend in our gardens, with the ongoing climate crisis putting it at the forefront of all aspects of our daily lives.

An outdoor space should be beneficial to mother nature as well as us, however, and there are several ways in which you can do your bit.

Investing a little extra in quality solar-powered lighting and other items such as water features helps you cut down on your energy consumption – and your bills for good measure.

Also, planting insect-friendly borders, replacing artificial turf with natural surfaces and encouraging wildlife to visit by providing food can hall help your local natural habitat thrive.

Adding functional space

It appears that working from home is here to stay in some shape or form for many of us, and if you still haven’t got yourself set up with a home office, perhaps the garden could provide the answer.

Sick of sitting at the kitchen table or on the sofa while you work? A kitted-out garden shed could give you the privacy you need to be at your most productive.

Splitting off areas for work and leisure will also help you make the most of your downtime, too.

Mixing tones

It’s been a drab existence for so many of us over the past two years, so now is the time to brighten things up and inject a bit of life into our spaces again.

Pastel-coloured fences and bright blooming plant life can create those summer vibes, perfect for inviting friends and family over for a barbecue and drinks.

Combined with more neutral tones in areas like seating, those bright pops of colour will help the festivities last well into the night.

Growing your own

Again combined with the sustainability theme, why not give growing your own fruit and veg a go in 2022?

It doesn’t have to be heaps to begin with, and you don’t need to invest in a greenhouse or massive raised beds – a simple tomato plant in a pot is a great way to start your self-sufficiency journey. 

For longer-term projects, planning a fruit tree should yield a decent crop within a few years or try your hand at crop rotation in a patch of earth.