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5 Photo Manipulation Ideas for Gorgeous Results

Did you know that around ninety percent of women use filters on photos that they post on social media?

If you’re not editing your photos before sharing them, you’re missing out. Not only is photo manipulation a helpful technique for creating the right moods for your shots, but it’s also an effective way to remove blemishes that keep your photos from being perfect.

If you’re on the hunt for top tips and tricks for retouching photographs, keep reading and we’ll tell you everything that you need to know. 

1. Create a 3D Effect 

If you want to create an image that blows peoples’ minds, consider creating an anaglyph 3D image. It’s easier to create this double exposure effect than you might think.

Start by taking two photographs of the same subject at slightly different angles. You’ll then need to open Adobe Photoshop and upload the two photos. Make sure to duplicate the background layer twice. 

Choose one of the duplicated images and choose the FX button that’s located in the Layers panel. Select “blending options.” After the Layer Style window opens, make sure that the G and B boxes are unchecked. 

You’ll then need to click on the second duplicated image and repeat the previous process. The only thing you should do differently is not unchecking the R checkbox in the Layer Style window. 

2. Remove the Backgrounds of Your Photos

If you’re looking for some design inspiration, consider getting rid of the backgrounds in your photos. Once you do this, you can replace the removed backgrounds with exciting new images. You can use Adobe Express to easily remove background images from your photos. 

3. Use a Lens Flare

Even though a lens flare isn’t something that people always want in their images, it’s a good effect to use if you want to make your photos more dramatic. Programs such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Express make it easy for you to add lens flares to your images. 

4. Add Exciting Filters in Photoshop

Even though Instagram is the most well-known platform for adding filters, many people don’t realize that Adobe Photoshop also has unique filters. The downside of creating filters in Photoshop is that the program is difficult to use. This is why so many people use Canva to add filters to their photos. 

5. Create a Double Exposure 

It’s easy to use a double exposure. It’s a good idea to choose a base photo that has a dark background. The second photo should be bright and should be abstract. 

Make Use of Top Photo Manipulation Ideas Today 

If you’re looking for top photo manipulation ideas, consider creating a 3D effect. If you want to make your photos look more dramatic, you should create lens flare effects. You can also create a double exposure if you want to make abstract photos. 

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