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Benefits of giving your kids their own play space

Are you getting tired of stepping on your kids’ toys or finding bits-and-pieces from their board games and art supplies everywhere? Are your kids running out of room to both store and play with their toys and games?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, then it might be time to give your kids their own play space. While having their own dedicated playroom might seem like a luxury, here are all the benefits that come with it. 

1. It will make your home tidier

A play space isn’t just for your kids – it will benefit the whole family. By giving your children their own play space, all their toys from the likes of Luki Lab toy store, games, and art supplies can be kept in one dedicated place. You’ll find that any mess they make as they play is confined to one room, making it easy to close the door on (and tidy afterwards)!

As well as preventing their mess from spreading out all over the house, a play space can keep your kids’ stuff organised. You can stack games on one shelf, puzzles on another, and organise their Connetix Tiles, figurines, toys, and art supplies in plastic boxes or baskets. If you go the extra mile and label everything, it will be easier for your kids to find what they want to play with, without having to dig through boxes of toys. If you’re in the market for more art supplies and live in Australia, then head over to Google and search ‘art supplies australia’, you will not be short of options!

2. Your kids will learn to share

One of the most important life skills that kids have to learn early is how to share. By keeping all toys and other play items in one place, it teaches them to take turns in a safe environment. Plus, your kids will work out that when they share they have more to play with than they would if they were playing by themselves.

Another great thing about teaching your kids to share is that they’re more likely to engage in cooperative play. You’ll often find that by leaving kids to play side-by-side, they’ll naturally include each other in their play scenarios. By working together towards a common goal, like building a castle or completing a jigsaw puzzle, they’ll learn valuable skills, including communication and conflict resolution. 

A playroom is also a great way to display their work. Whether it’s their latest Lego creation that they’ve spent hours building, or a colourful painting masterpiece, you’ll be able to clearly display their creations.  

3. It will keep your kids’ bedrooms purely for sleeping

Your brain will naturally create a pattern when you do certain things in a room. We’ve all read the advice that a bedroom, or at the very least our bed, should be exclusively for sleeping. The same thing goes for creating a playroom. As a playspace will store your kids’ toys and other play items, their bedrooms will go back to its basic purpose of providing them a place to sleep. You might find you can take all their favourite action figures, piles of plush toys or baskets of building blocks and put them in the playroom. This helps declutter their sleeping space!

Having toys around will tempt them to play at nap or bedtime, which will keep them from getting the sleep they need. A play space is the perfect way to separate sleeping from playing, and will make your kids’ bedrooms the calming, relaxing sleep haven they need to be.

4. It can be used for both rewards and punishments

While you may create a play space for the practical benefits listed above, you can also reap behavioural benefits from it as well.

You can use a play space as a reward for good behaviour. If your kiddos finish their homework or any household chores early, they can get an extra half-hour in the play space. Similarly, if they misbehave, you can take some of their playtime away to teach them that there are consequences for their actions.

5. It can be used as a relaxing haven for your kids

We all have our bad days, kids included. Whether it’s a bad day at preschool or “big” school, or if they’re feeling overwhelmed by other things going on in their lives, a play space can be a haven for them to get away from it all and relax with their favourite toys. Giving space to kids in the backyard with their own trampoline is a great way, see best trampoline reviews here.

Another way to encourage this relaxing haven for your kids is by keeping technological devices away from it. This way, they can unwind, play, and reap the extra benefit of much-needed screen-free time. 

Play can help children develop a range of skills they’ll use throughout their entire lives. A dedicated space is a great way to support their growth and learning. Once you finish putting your kids’ play space together, you’ll see them reap all these benefits, and most importantly, have fun.