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Top 2022 Interior Design Trends

In 2022, the majority of interior design trends will focus on comfort, nature and tranquillity that comes from combining the two. From warm brown hues to nature-inspired greens and layered lighting, 2022 brings a myriad of sensational interior design trends that every home should introduce. Forget about minimalist and clean white tones because, this year, you need vibrancy and exuberance in your living areas. Keep on reading for the hottest interior design trends for 2022 or visit Helen Coulston and similar pages for more inspiration and creative ideas.

Bring on the browns

Chocolate brown, caramel brown and dark woodsy brown are some of the hottest interior design hues to go after during your home remodelling. Rosy terracotta tones will complement the browns flawlessly, allowing you to create the ultimate warm and comfy ambience. From shaggy rugs to square patterns featuring camel and orangey-brown shades on throw pillows, your living room will feature a more inviting feel. For a deliciously decadent mood, introduce vases, candle holders, or lighting fixtures with warming nougat tones.

Introducing vibrant and bold

Forget about neutrals and whites because the era of the vibrant is here to amaze you. Can you imagine a mixture of RAF blue and citrus green in your kitchen? Say goodbye to dull and muted colours, and welcome joyful colours that will instantly make your home look cheerful. Mix patterned wallpapers with patterned throw pillows, and décor items such as picture frames and trays for the ultimate 2022 vibe. Mix and match bright yellow with zesty orange that will look stunning when you combine it with luscious fuchsia.

Layered lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of every interior design, and in 2022, you’ll love the ambience in every room. By layering lights, you can get just the luminance you need to enjoy a relaxing day at home or do all of your chores from the to-do list. Lighting fixture fans will love this trend as it will allow them to spruce on different lighting level fixtures and make the most of their home’s interior. If you’re thinking about upgrading the old lamp with new bulbs for a different mood, consult a professional electrician first. Look for a top-rated electrician in your area who can confidently tell you whether you’re making the right move with those wires and bulbs. The last thing you need is an electric shock from your overhead lamp just because you thought you could do an electricity-related task on your own.

Very peri is very 2022

Purple with hades of lavender is dominating the interior design industry as well. A blue-violet hue named ‘Very Peri’ is the latest colour of the year according to Pantone Colour Institute, so you’ll be seeing furniture salons featuring sofas, couches, curtains, ottomans, and area rugs in this lovely calming shade. Once you decide it’s time for a joyous attitude that will also inspire creativity, go for the sensational Very Peri. Whether you decide to paint the walls or introduce draperies in this whimsical hue, your home will radiate style and chic.

Nature all around

Strengthening the connection with nature suddenly became more necessary than ever before. Bring nature indoors with natural surfaces such as travertine, marble, terracotta, and stoneware for décor, furniture and backsplash. To fill your home with a tranquil outdoorsy vibe, think about incorporating organic materials that will add depth and visual interest to your interior. From mushroom silhouettes to swirling marble and sparkling crystals pieces that incorporate raw natural materials are the talk of the town in 2022. Soft green hues mixed with richer, deeper shades also join the nature-inspired trend that’s been dominating this year. Whether you’re thinking of wallpapers that feature leafy motifs or marble cheeseboard to add class to the kitchen collection, you’ll be on the right track to making your home trendy.

Innovative Japandi

2022 is the year of unexpected trends, bringing you some of the most staggering interior design innovations. Namely, Japan and Scandinavia have joined forces and produced a trend that TikTokers are hyping all over the internet. From sustainable materials to wood panelling and slatted walls, Japandi is the interior design trend to look for in 2022. Naturally, after going through a pandemic and being forced to make the most of our homes, Scandinavian hygge and Japanese wabi-sabi managed to amalgamate, in order to fashion the ultimate Japandi trend that features the best of both feels. The goal of this trend is to create a sense of wellness and cosiness in your home by mixing imperfect pieces with multifunctional spaces, clean lines and eco-friendly fabrics.

Final thoughts

Are you looking for new ideas to spruce up your home’s interior? Perhaps you’re thinking about the modern victorian interior design in Singapore that you’ve recently seen? Finding inspiration isn’t always easy, but with the latest interior designs in front of you, it will be slightly less challenging to turn your home into the trendiest interior in the neighbourhood. In 2022, you’ll want to go for natural elements and hues, and introduce comfort and tranquillity while making sure you bring in a pop of colour here and there.