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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Whether the biggest day of your life is just around the proverbial corner and you need to start looking for the wedding dress of your dreams right away, or else you have only just become engaged and are looking for initial inspiration, you have certainly come to the right place.

So, with this in mind, continue reading for a simple yet effective guide on how to choose the perfect wedding dress.

Tie in Your Location

Obviously, the overall theme of your wedding, be that a classic, vintage style, or a modern and ostentatious vibe, should and naturally will have a huge influence on what you have in mind for the style, colour, and look of your wedding dress. It’s always worth keeping your theme in mind when searching for your perfect dress at this st george bridal shop, or a shop a little more local to you, as it can really add a touch of individuality to your dress.

However, even though the words ‘practical’ and ‘wedding’ should rarely be used in the same sentence, in this particular case, it is important to consider the location of your wedding. For example, if you are getting married abroad on the beach, long wedding dresses with even longer trains are an absolute no-go, whereas if your wedding is an intimate and candlelit affair, you must avoid shorter dresses lest it diminishes the feel of the day. 

Trust Your Instincts

The absolute beauty of looking for wedding dresses, either on your own or with a trusted friend or family member, by a prestigious and renowned designer, such as Ronald Joyce wedding dresses, is that experienced assistants will be on hand to match your favourite styles and themes of dresses with your body shape and how you look in it.

However, as with most other things in life, the proverbial bottom line is that your wedding day is just that – your day – and as a result, it is crucial to trust your instincts. Essentially, if you fall in love with a dress and you feel comfortable and glamorous in it, then the only opinion that really matters is your own. 

Shop Around!

When watching television programmes and even films thatshow a soon-to-be bride and a gaggle of excited bridesmaids entering a wedding dress shop, it always looks as if, after the trite two or three immediately rejected dresses, the bride seems to fall in love with the next dress in a matter of minutes.

However, in reality, it may well take you days, weeks or even several months to find the perfect wedding dress for you. Additionally, be sure to look online for suppliers and even wedding dress designers that may well be able to create the ideal image you have of your dress. 

Ignore the Number!

Unfortunately, ignoring the number does not refer to the price tag (although, if you are in the exceedingly fortunate position of not having to stick to a budget, then good for you!) and instead means you should entirely disregard the size of the dress you love.

Better still, when shopping in a reputable wedding dress supplier’s store, you could even ask if they can conceal the size from you; it is all about fit, comfort and how you feel; the size of the dress could not be less relevant.