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Socks and Underwear for Fathers Day

Knicker Locker is making magic! They have made underwear a popular present. Dad’s love it, and they are now a one-stop-shop for Father’s Day. Here’s why…

They Stock Quality AND Quantity

Sack off limitations. They stock quality options for a range of different Dads. 

Gym going Dad? Try their tighter fitting wear such as PULL-IN. 

Dad-bod Dad? Try their looser fitting JOCKEY underwear range.

Humble Dad? Try a simpler pattern such as one from WAXX.

Peacock Dad? They stock flash, organic cotton designs too! 

They are a one-stop-shop for Father’s Day.

The Best of The Best

For those who opt for the best money can buy, try their PULL-IN range. They are made from organic cotton. And the designs are funky. This is a slick Father’s Day present. 

Our Range of Brands

They stock a range of top brands. Such as JOCKEY, who have been perfecting their fit since 1876. Yes 1876! That’s enough knowledge to make the humblest of Dad’s pout in the morning. Pouting in the morning is what Father’s Day should be about. Make him feel good about himself. 

Another brand they stock is WAXX. They started out in the extreme sports sector. So, they know a thing or two about durability. Their recent venture into the men’s underwear shows off their pop-art design at a great price. WAXX as a Father’s Day present shows the thought you have put into your gift.


Every Father loves putting on a new pair of socks. Their cotton rich DRAKE AND HUCK socks are soft. They stock a range of designs too. 

For something snazzier, try their PULL-IN sock range. The cocky long socks are their most popular. Show Dad the difference between a pair of socks bought by Mum, and a pair of socks bought by YOU. Their combination of design and quality will speak for itself when he opens the gift this Father’s Day.


Their designs buddy up to make classy combinations. For example, their DRAKE & HUTCH Blue Polka socks and their WAXX sugar cane men’s boxer shorts will keep Dad from feeling blue this Father’s Day. 

Gift Wrapping Service

Yes, you read right. They will even wrap your gift for you. All their products are not only available for gift wrapping, but they also offer the chance to add a personalised message. They look after you so you can look after Dad this Father’s Day. Check out their gift wrapping page for more details.  

On a Budget?

They reduce the price of items all the time. This is because they stock the most recent designs. Go to their website now to see what is left. 

You also get £5 off when you join their newsletter!

Time is of The Essence

At Knicker Locker, their vision is to become the market leader. Dad’s love underwear and socks as a present. But it must be the right underwear and socks. It all starts with what’s underneath! That’s why you should shop with Knicker Locker this Father’s Day.