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Make Casual and Comfortable Style Work for You

Dressing casually and comfortably while remaining stylish can be a challenge. It’s so easy to start looking like a bit of a slob as soon as you put on some more casual clothes. That might be ok if you’re just relaxing at home but it’s probably not the look you’re going for if you’re out and about. If you care about how you look, you want to feel comfortable while also maintaining some sense of style. Fortunately, it’s not really that hard to do. As long as you’re not wearing your oldest and most worn-out clothes, you can easily put together a stylish outfit.

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Even if you’re not used to combining comfort and style in your everyday life, a few tips can make it easy to create the outfits you want.

Get Some Comfy Knitwear

When you live in the UK, you can’t really get away with not having plenty of layers. You need to keep warm in the colder months. It’s a great excuse to have lots of jumpers, sweaters, hoodies, or whatever you want to wear. If you want to wear something comfortable and casual while also looking stylish, consider some slightly smarter knitwear. A patterned jumper can be fun and casual but it’s also just a bit smarter than a baggy hoodie. A chunky knit style can give your knitwear some real texture and it will both look and feel really cosy too.

Choose Casual But Fitted Tops

T-shirts are often the go-to if you’re looking for casual and comfortable tops to wear. But you can also go beyond plain T-shirts if you’re looking for something that has a little more fit. T-shirts can be kind of shapeless, but a closer fit can give your outfit a bit more style. Consider polo shirts or even just jerseys that have a bit of stretch to them so they fit a bit more snugly. These types of shirts can feel really comfortable and you don’t have to fiddle about with buttons. They’re also easy to layer with a jacket or knitwear.

Get a Few Casual Oxford Shirts

If you want to take the smartness up slightly, some casual Oxford shirts could be the right choice. Oxford shirts provide just the right fit to allow them to be worn either as part of a smart outfit or a casual one. Tuck it into your trousers and it gives a smarter look but leave it untucked and you can wear it more casually. You can also choose how many buttons you want to leave undone, depending on how casual you want it to look. It’s easy to get a few in some neutral colours that you can mix and match with just about anything.

Try an Alternative to Jeans

Jeans can often be the casual trousers of choice but they’re not always the most comfortable option. There are other choices if you want to feel comfortable in a casual style. Consider a pair of men’s wide leg trousers if you like to have a bit of extra room. They will give you the comfort that you’re looking for and the right casual look. Chinos are another great option if you don’t want to wear jeans and you don’t want to go as casual as joggers. They’re casual and comfortable but they look pretty presentable too.

Wear Boots or Smart Trainers

Getting the right shoes when you’re dressing casually can be tricky. A pair of ratty old trainers might feel comfortable but they don’t look great. If you want to go for comfort and stay casual while still looking stylish, you usually can’t go wrong with a pair of boots or some slightly smarter trainers. Keep your trainers in good condition and throw them out when they get too tired to keep wearing. A pair of suede derby shoes is another good option. They’re still fairly casual but they’re stylish too.

Mix Smart and Casual

Mixing up smart and casual elements can help you to look and feel comfortable and casual while also injecting some style into your outfits. You might wear a smart jacket over a more casual shirt or dress down a smarter outfit with some casual shoes. There are lots of ways to mix and match for a more smart-casual look that helps you look stylish without being too formal or uncomfortable.

Being casual and comfortable can go together with being stylish. Find your style by experimenting with some different ideas and maybe looking for some style icons whose looks you enjoy.