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Top 7 Tips to Build the Best Morning Routine

The start of the day, i.e., morning, decides the rest of your day. Insufficient sleep and dull start? The entire day becomes a weight on your head. Sound sleep and motivated morning? The whole day you keep up the work spirit and be happy. But do you think that only a morning ritual and healthy breakfast will suffice for this?

Most successful people on the planet have a set of habits that they practice in the morning to make the most of their day. An encouraging morning kickstart can keep away stress, eliminate anxiety, and improve productivity throughout the day. This article is for you whether you have seen “Benefits of waking up at 4:00 AM” or “How to start mornings in the best way” on YouTube. 

We have accumulated the top seven tips to build the best morning routine in this blog piece. 

Read along. 

1. Choose a Regular Time to Wake Up & Never Hit Snooze 

‘Regular Wakers’ are probably the high achievers. Perhaps, it is because routine is equal to consistency. When you get up early, you start before the rest of the world, and, thus, your motivation gets doubled up. Moreover, according to an academic study in 2021, researchers established that those who wake up early reduced stress symptoms by 23%. 

Besides this, if you snooze your alarm every day, you should reconsider your morning motivation strategy. Getting overwhelmed about starting with your morning tasks and hitting the snooze button might tamper with your entire day’s motivation. Instead, you can wake up with your alarm and think of doing something first that excites you like – meditation, a stroll, a pet bath, or cooking breakfast. 

2. Put in Some Nutrients 

You have to fuel up your body by eating essential nutrients at the start of the day. Try, for instance, oats or eggs or pancakes or smoothies instead of unhealthy meals.Pouring in nutrients from the beginning of the day can help you feel active and energized for the entire day. Not everyone is a morning person, and trying to stomach certain foods that provide these nutrients can be a struggle. If this is you, you can try taking a morning supplement like activated you morning complete, which helps to start your day on a healthier note with the nutrients supporting healthy digestion. You can also consume like CBD Vape Juice to keep up with your health.

3. Transit and Hydrate 

Getting out of bed and hitting the gym straight is too much to motivate. But simple body movements might help you with blood circulation and kickstart the day well. You can run on the treadmill for about 20 minutes or jog outdoors. Going for a morning walk to the nearby park or riding a bike is the best for letting the body processes get in the flow. Additionally, you can set a morning exercise routine at home or practice yoga & meditation immediately after you open your eyes in the morning. When you do these activities, stay super hydrated because what you put in your mug matters. 

4. Suck the Sun for A While 

Whether you believe it or not, sunlight plays a pivotal role in your morning routine. Facing the sun in the morning is the best alert sign to wake up and walk alive towards the coffeepot. Not only that, the morning sun supplies the essential Vitamin D needed to build stronger bones. So, every day after you wake up, open your drapes and let the light in fully. You can read a good book while sucking up the sunlight or head outdoors for a walk while kissing the sunlight.

5. Eat the Frog or Tadpole?

Mark Twain once said that when you eat a live frog each morning, it means that that is the worst thing to happen to you in the entire day. Here the ‘frog’ is the most crucial task for the day, and tadpole means the small chores. If you start your morning with the frog, you will be facing only the tadpoles later. It will help you be in a rhythm throughout the day. 

6. Arrange a Few Morning Activities to Increase Mind Focus

Doing a few activities every morning helps you better set the tone for your day. For example, start your morning by cuddling your partner for a partner. Move ahead to drink water or coffee, whatever you prefer, as your first drink in the morning. Meditate for a while and read something motivating. Take a quick shower and sit to write your journal, mentioning things you learned yesterday or what to focus on today.

7. Prepare at Night to Avoid Any Morning Hassles 

The good news is you can start your morning routine an evening prior already! Too many decisions to make in the morning (outfit selection, breakfast-making, journal writing, and whatnot) might drain your brain for the day. Instead, it’s better to plan a few things in the evening for the following day and feel relaxed while starting the day. Subscribing to the idea of preparing at night will improve your productivity and keep up energy levels all day long. 


There’s no need to rush in the mornings. We know you are capable of creating a sorted morning routine. The key to excelling at the morning regimen is introducing a new practice every month while tracking the previous ones precisely. With a few simple tips – you can win the day early in the morning for sure.