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Five NASCAR Drivers That Didn’t Get to Enjoy the Tracks for Long

Watching the NASCAR races can be exciting with the battles that come up. At the moment, we enjoy different scenarios, and when everything goes smoothly, it is something that makes the competition even more exciting. Various bettors get to stake on events such as the Toyota Save Mart 350 odds, Drydene, Coca-Cola 500, and others.

However, because of the intensity and the competitiveness, like any other sport, tragedy has been a part of the sport, and some drivers have lost their lives to the game. We’ve seen potentials cut short on different tracks before they even got to their peak. In that case, we are looking at five NASCAR drivers that didn’t get to stay in the sport for a long time.  

Jason Leffler

Every top fan that has followed NASCAR in the past two or more decades knows that Jason Leffler is a top-notch driver on the tracks. He has proven himself at different levels, especially at the USAC series. He also competed against some world-class drivers in NASCAR. It was a career on an upward trajectory.

He was the racecar driver that handed Toyota their first win at the Xfinity Series in 2008. However, he had some troubles for a couple of seasons as he was tossed around. But the major tragedy struck in 2013 at a 410 Sprint race at the Bridgeport Speedway. His car slammed right into the track wall because of a front suspension failure, cutting short an exciting career. 

Adam Petty

Adam Petty, the superstar that never got to the top. Everybody that watched Petty on the track knew he was one for the future. He was on course to take over Dale Earnhardt’s and his granddad’s records of up to seven championships. At the start, many dismissed him as being only hype until he showed how good he was at the ARCA REMAX Series and other top-class events.

He was to compete in the 2001 full-time Winston Cup campaign. However, Petty was involved in a ghastly crash at the Motor Speedway in New Hampshire in a Busch Series practice. His throttle got stuck, and as a result, the car plummeted into the wall. He was killed on impact, with the autopsy showing that he died due to a basilar skull fracture.  

Blaise Alexander

From racing Go Karts at 12 to winning 48 races at the micro sprints in different series. His success continued at the ARCA REMAX Series, where he won many races and got the Rookie of the Year award during his short career span. After enjoying some wins at the Craftsman Truck Series and NASCAR Busch Series, he returned to the ARCA REMAX Series.

Unfortunately, the return wasn’t a good one as it marked the end of his life and career at the track. The incident happened in one of the late races at the Motor Speedway in 2001 after he had slight contact with Kerry Earnhardt, sending his car into the wall. The vehicle then flipped and slid down the track causing Alexander to suffer a Basilar Skull fracture. 

Tony Stewart

Unlike other drivers on this list, Tony Stewart resigned from the tracks, but it was at an early stage of his career. He was on an upward trajectory after winning three NASCAR Cup championships. It might seem like Stewart got everything to win; he still hasn’t conquered Daytona.

Tony Stewart was a compelling and versatile driver known to grace the tracks. He spent most of the last days of his career battling injuries, and he had to retire in the end. It wasn’t a terrible career, but we believe he could have done more if not for the injuries that started at the Southern Iowa Speedway. 

Kenny Irwin

The last name on our list is Kenny Irwin Jr., a budding youngster who was on his way to becoming one of the best drivers in NASCAR. He already started his career in second grade. As a teenager, he started racing in the IMSA American Challenge Stock Car Series. He took his successful career to the USAC Series, where he got the rookie of the year award in 1993. 

His move to the Craftsman Truck Series showed how good he was after winning the pole in just his second start. It was an exciting career that was looking up for the Indiana native. However, he was unfortunately killed in a practice session in 2000 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.