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Why Do Men Struggle to Talk About Their Health?

It’s a stereotype as old as time that men choose not to talk about their health worries, but this view comes from a real, deep-rooted issue – men do often prefer to avoid their medical problems rather than face them head on. So, why is it that males bury their head in the sand rather than talk about their health?

Admitting Weakness

We might be well into the twenty-first century, but old habits die hard. For many people there’s still a deep-set belief that health problems equate to weakness. Macho bravado has a lot to answer for! So, just in case you need reminding, if your body is causing you pain or if you notice any changes that are not usual for you, it is not a sign of weakness. See a professional – there might be an easy fix to put your mind at ease. Speaking to a professional about insecurities like the size of your penis or that gradual receding hairline can only benefit you. Many medical professionals offer supplements and treatments to help with hair loss or, non-surgical, non-invasive, penis procedures to give you permanent size gainsTackling and talking about the issue makes you strong, not weak.

Wasting People’s Time

Let’s say this loud and clear – you are not wasting anyone’s time when you seek help for any physical or mental health issues, as well as neurological disorders such as dyspraxia in adults. Medical professionals spent years training to help people get better. The sooner you get their opinion, the sooner they can apply the best course of treatment and you can get back to feeling your best.

Taking Time Off Work

A sense of duty should not take priority over your health. Will the world stop turning if you leave work an hour earlier than normal to see a dentist over the painful, decaying tooth that has been keeping you awake at night? Unlikely. When you take into account your mind’s not going to be on the job if you’re in agony or worrying yourself about what might happen if it’s left untreated, it’s a no brainer. Go to the appointment! 

Fear of the Unknown

When you ignore a problem, it doesn’t disappear – in fact, it’s likely that the longer you leave it, the bigger you’ll build it up to be in your head. The unknown can be scary, but rather than allowing your imagination to run away with you, pick up the phone and make an appointment to speak to a professional rather than running to Dr. Google. We are all guilty of turning to the internet to research our symptoms, wishing we’d made the time to take out health insurance – incidentally, it is worth looking for health insurance using a comparison site before you have health concerns as knowing you have a policy in place will provide you with reassurance. Make it a priority – it is better to be prepared as we never know what is around the corner.

Not Knowing Who to Talk To

Male friendships have traditionally been built around going for a few pints down the pub on a Friday night or watching the big match with the lads, neither of which are conducive to talking about the slightly weird mole on your chest or that you’ve been vomiting each morning because you are so anxious about going into the office. You might not want to talk to your partner or other family members because you don’t want to worry them and opening up about your personal life to your colleagues feels unnatural. Talking to a medical professional can also feel uncomfortable, but they really have seen and heard it all and will be able to offer their expert advice.

Next time you have any health concerns, reach out to the health professionals at your service. Pharmacists, nurses, GPs,and a whole host of specialists are ready and waiting to help.