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X Muse: The Worlds First Blended Barley Vodka

X Muse (pronounced ‘tenth’ muse) is the worlds first ‘blended’ (use of different barleys) Vodka distilled using traditional spirit making techniques from Scotland (a country with centuries of spirit making tradition). 

However whilst drawing on tradition X Muse also use new and modern methods to create their one of a kind vodka, which gives the drink an entirely unique character.

Two kinds of heritage barley is used in production, ‘Maris Otter’ and ‘Plumage Archer’. Distilled separately and combined later, a process unique to X Muse which makes for a smooth yet complex flavour profile.

Moving on from the barley, any bottle of spirit is 60% water. No… water is not just water. The water used in X Muse’s vodka is exceptionally pure, sourced from an ancient aquifer in Scotlands heart, Edinburgh. This beautiful water only adds to the complexity of the drink giving it an even more refreshing taste and aroma.

X Muse is more than just vodka though, its a brand. So lets talk about that for a moment. X Muse will be available at locations where art and creativity are celebrated. Clearly, a lot of inspiration comes from art and creativity (whatever you interpret that to be) and for X Muse that is the likes of Charles Jencks, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Anya Gallacio and Marcel Duchamp. We will talk about each of them in more detail shortly, I just wanted to address something quickly. In my humble opinion all of these amazingly clever inspirational people, the worlds first blended barley vodka, purified water and the story of the brand makes for something more than the stereo typical stigma associated with vodka and it’s fantastic to see.

Now about the people of inspiration for this brand… Ian Hamilton Finlay was a Scottish poet, writer, artist, publisher, gardener and landscape architect. Ian is where the name ‘X Muse’ is inspired from.

Charles Jencks was a designer and architect of majestic landscapes across the British isles, He is the inspiration of the shape and style of the X Muse bottle. “A silhouette that echoes its tiered sloping grass banks and emphasises how vital water is to the X Muse concept.”

Anya Gallacio is a British artist who works with organic materials like chocolate, flour, sugar and ice. She is the inspiration for the “magic drops” of water crystal that are added late in the process with “healing energy”.

Last but certainly not least is Marcel Duchamp. Marcel is arguably the most influential artist of the last century. His most complex and debated piece is The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, even, often called The Large Glass, two 9ft-tall, bisected panes of glass sandwiching a complex system of geometric shapes and symbols. He is the inspiration for the brand identity and what X Muse stand for.

To summarise, its evident that although X Muse is a brand of an alcoholic beverage (vodka) it is also much more than that. The brand in itself is a symbol and celebration of art, expression, creativity, heritage and history and that is something that you don’t commonly find especially in the alcohol industry.

Overall I have to say I’m very impressed with the X Muse as a whole, their website, philosophy’s, bottle design and their unique one of a kind production/distillation methods for their vodka is second to none.

At the end of the day who doesn’t enjoy a little glass of vodka from time to time and I’d certainly recommend X Muse to be your vodka of choice.