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Top 10 questions to ask before you move house

Moving house is a big decision, not to mention it is also a big task! However, after spending time browsing estate agents in Chelmsford and finding your dream property, there are some questions you need to ask before you move. So, we are going to cover these questions and help you move in a stress-free way!

What is the area like?

You need to make sure the area is everything you want it to be. Is it quiet? Are there certain times of the day when it is busy? How does it look at different times of the day? This question also brings on further questions that are worth considering.

Is it a safe place?

There is no denying that crime is an issue, but some areas are worse than others. Therefore, do your research and find out what crime is like in the area. This can be done by visiting Police.uk.

What are the neighbours like?

This is an important consideration because neighbours can either become your best friends or your worst enemy. You could knock on their doors and introduce yourself if you want to get a feel for what they are like. Additionally, you could also speak to locals to find out more information.

What else is nearby?

You might not know what is going on behind garden fences or you might not know the size of the garden, so you can use Google maps to have a further look around from the comfort of home.

Do I need a full inspection?

Yes, you do. After all, you are parting with a large amount of money, so you need to make sure that the property is everything you expect it to be. This is your chance to find out whether there are any problems, and it could help give you a chance to barter on the price.

Have you had a clear-out?

Whether it’s furniture or old garden tools and toys you no longer use, it’s always therapeutic to have a clear out of your belongings before moving house. A 4 yard or a 6 yard skip are perfect for domestic clearances and garden waste and will fit easily on your drive or on the road. If you’re in South Yorkshire, consider skip hire Sheffield for next day delivery and to save yourself time rushing to and from your local tip.

Where is the house positioned?

This is important to some as some people like the garden to be south facing for lots of sunshine, while some don’t want the sun beaming through bedroom windows when it rises at 4am in the summer.

Are there any problems?

The house you like might have some hidden issues and this is often things such as windows and walls. Therefore, carry out a check on the windows and walls to see what condition they are in.

What is the heating system like?

When viewing a house, you can’t really ask for the owners to put the heating on and then wait for the home to warm up. Of course, if you browse in winter then there is a chance the heating will be on. However, give the hot water a try and see how long it takes to become hot. If it takes a while, it could be a sign that the system is old.

Is the electric system all ok?

Look for signs of wear and tear around sockets, lights, alarms and the fuse board. You could even have it inspected by an electrician if you want to make sure all is ok.

Is it leasehold or freehold?

This is an important question to ask because this could make a home worth buying or not. A leasehold is enough to turn people away as it means you won’t own the land that the property is built on, hence why it is leased out to you. A freehold means that you own the property and the land.