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How to Make Sure that Your First Food Festivalis a Success

If you were thinking of starting a food festival in your area, this could be a great idea. Food festivals can be very profitable and fun to organise. Running a food festival is a lot of work, however, and requires a lot of planning. You’ll be working with all sorts of professionals and will have to coordinate everyone. You also have to ensure the safety of everyone that will be present. Let’s take a look at how you can make sure that your first food festival will be a resounding success.

Start Studying

Start by studying your market. Look at what’s working and the established festivals in your area so yours won’t be redundant. Look at what people had to say about those festivals too. This will inspire you and allow you to improve on some of the things they did wrong. It would also be a good idea to visit a few fairs beforehand, so you can see how they’re set up and start figuring out logistics.

Start Looking for Sponsorships

Once you have your plan ready and have chosen what they will be, you can start contacting businesses in your area for sponsors. A sponsor will not only provide financial support but can also help you raise awareness for the event. They might even give you advice on things that you could improve.

Get Suppliers Early

Don’t expect to be able to find the exact venue that you want with a few weeks’ notice. You have to start looking for a location at least six months before the event. The same goes for equipment. You need to start looking for equipment early and have a backup in case something happens at the last minute.

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Don’t Forget Food Waste and Sanitation

A very important thing that you need to have done before the event is waste management. You need to have enough bins for food waste and recyclables and hire the right company to pick everything up. You also need a sufficient number of portable toilets on site. It’s usually recommended that you have at least two portable toilets per 100 participants and one complete portable bathroom with a sink for every four portable toilets.

Start Looking for Participants

Once you have everything in order and an official date for the event, you can start looking for participants. Look for food-related businesses that cater to your niche. Look at what other festivals charge for booths and offer roughly the same deal.

Start Promoting

Now comes the time to promote your event. One of the best places to do this is on social media, but you should try to directly advertise to people in your area as much as you can. Flyers and posters are a very simple yet very effective way to advertise a festival. So, try to post as much as you can in markets and public areas and look at other options like newspaper ads, for instance.

If you follow our tips, there’s a good chance that your food festival will be great. If you execute properly, this could turn into an annual event and bring tons of revenue, so learn about the business and learn from other people’s mistakes.