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Helpful Tips for Starting Your Photography Business

If you’re passionate about photography and have a successful eye for capturing great moments, you can easily turn your hobby into a career. Starting your photography business does require some research and planning, but if you follow the tips below, everything will be clear and you’ll manage to start photographing in no time. Let’s take a look at what you need to start your photography business:

Write a business plan

The photography industry is very competitive and quite saturated, so you need to be a great business person besides having amazing photography skills. Just like with any business, it’s crucial to create a solid business plan before you start investing in equipment and marketing. A business plan helps you put your thoughts on paper and can serve as a map that will steer your business’ flow. It also shows all the ways that you can earn money and grow your business, including cash flow, expenses, competition issues, etc. 

Secure the funds

There’s no business without money. If you have enough of your own savings to launch a business, that’s great, but otherwise, you’re going to need a loan from the bank or assistance from an investor. No matter the source of your funds (bank, investor, family, friends or your own savings) it’s necessary to use your business plan to study the costs, come up with a plan on how you can return the money and manage your personal finances

Grab your gear

You probably have your own gear already, at least a camera, some lenses and flashes, as well as a Photoshop program for editing. For starters, this might be enough. But if you want to grow, you’ll need to invest in some other items that will make your job easier and more impressive. Luckily, it’s possible to avoid initial costs by visiting a studio equipment rental Miami and renting everything from floodlights to photo strobes, special effects and any other special equipment. Until you grow your brand and get new secondary gear, these rental services can be a lifesaver. 

Build a portfolio

Your clients need to know the quality and style of your work before they hire you, so make sure to invest plenty of time into your portfolio. Working as an assistant before starting your own studio is a great idea that brings many benefits. When building your portfolio, make sure to consider the kind of audience you’re trying to attract and try to demonstrate a whole specter of skills. And finally, make sure to update it frequently so your portfolio can be relevant to today’s trends. 

Consider your pricing

This is the hardest part because you need to earn money yet be affordable for your clients. Pricing of your services is difficult, especially for new studios, but starting with lower prices will allow you to gain an audience and reputation so you can raise your rates. And make sure not to forget to consider editing because photographers usually spend three hours editing for every hour of shooting. Let’s do some quick math–$50/hour for your time plus 3 hours of editing equals a price of $200 for a one-hour shooting session. 

Invest in a website

The easiest way to show off your skills and your portfolio is to create an attractive website that will showcase your work. And you don’t have to spend almost any money on this thanks to free websites with many features. Still, don’t just put something together and call it a day—your website is your storefront and clients want professionalism. 

On your website, you should keep your photography—this is what most people want to see. Your work should be divided into categories for easy navigation. Also, it’s important to put up your own photo together with your biography and experience. Finally, don’t forget to put contact information as well as some raw prices so your customers have something to go off of during negotiations. 

Practice your people skills

And lastly, it’s important to practice good people skills before you start seeing clients. A photographer has a job to provide a pleasant shooting experience and create a trusting relationship—this is what gets you referrals the quickest. You can offer to meet up before the event you’re planning to shoot so you can discuss their wishes and get a good feel of the subjects’ vibes. Talk about expectations and wishes and you’ll manage to leave a great impression. 

If you follow these tips, your photography business will quickly rise from the ground and you have a great chance to build a loyal audience willing to pay good money for your skills—this is the dream to strive for. 

Author: Eve Anderson is a marketing specialist turned blogger. Interested in sports and exciting travel destinations. Love to share content that can inform people.