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Cabinets vs. Plastic Storage Drawers: Which One Is Better?

Space is always at a premium, and storage drawers are an excellent way to use your space wisely. But how do you choose the right storage drawers? And are you better off opting for plastic storage drawers or sticking with cabinets?

Utilising Space 

Cabinets and storage drawers are excellent storage solutions. When you are dealing with limited space you have to be smart about the way you use it to ensure it works hard for you. In terms of cubic space, storage drawers are an effective way to maximise storage. This is particularly true if you plan to store items that are irregular sizes, shapes or small to medium in size. Storage drawers are also useful for items that don’t stack because the drawers do. Opting for a high-density drawer means maximising floor space, whether you’re storing toys in a playroom, organising your tools and equipment in a garage, or using storage drawers in a classroom, kitchen, or for pet food. 


Drawers come with customisable compartments to easily organise small items like nuts and bolts, washers, screws, and more. It provides additional protection to the items you are storing. And you can easily put your hands on the item you need without much fuss. If you were to store these items in a cabinet, you would need a smaller plastic storage compartment to house within the cabinet. So, plastic storage drawers cut the need for additional items. 


If you are looking for storage solutions in the workplace, then plastic storage drawers can be installed with ergonomics in mind. They can be stacked or placed on work tables for easy access. There’s no need to climb around looking for items stored on bottom shelves or drawers when you have the flexibility of plastic storage drawers. Cabinets are heavier so they are not always safe to stack or place on desks or countertops. 


In business terms, plastic storage drawers can simplify the inventory process. Every item has its proper place and things are less likely to go missing. Some storage options provide label holders so each compartment can be labelled clearly to make inventory management easy.

Final Thoughts

Plastic storage drawers can also provide you with just as much security and protection as cabinets can. Whatever you plan to store, it’s safely contained within the storage drawers, and many are lockable for added security. Whether you’re looking for a simple four-drawer storage unit to keep tools or a 75-drawer storage unit for parts, there’s a solution perfect for you. 

Ultimately, plastic storage drawers are customisable, portable, and provide you with additional storage and organisational space. As useful as cabinets are, you can’t pick up and grab a cabinet for efficiency the way you can with plastic storage drawers. There’s no need to dread reorganisation or renovations because plastic storage drawers are easily transported. Plastic storage drawers are a better way to use space, ensure your space looks good and is fully organised, and increase efficiency in the workplace. They are a reliable, long-lasting investment.