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Which Version of Microsoft Power BI Should You Choose?

A highly popular data analytics tool is Microsoft’s Power BI, a powerful interface where meaningful information culled from heavy-duty data analysis is presented in a user-friendly graphical style using interactive dashboards.

It’s in widespread use amongst businesses and organisations that need meaningful insights to be presented easily and quickly and is available in versions to suit most sizes of business.

Would you benefit from Power BI?

The chances are high that your business would derive benefit from this powerful analytics interface: to unleash Power BI’s potential to the maximum some fine-tuning and setting up for your requirements could be arranged through IT professionals offering Power BI development expertise.

If you want to benefit from detailed information that’s easy to access and understand and updates regularly, then Power BI is for you – but which version to choose?

Power BI options

As part of their Power BI development offering, your IT partner can help with advice on which version to choose – your choices are:

Power BI Desktop

This is the free version so requires no subscription or one-off purchase cost, is included in Office 365 and can be installed on a local PC. It offers a powerful analytics interface and can be used by almost anyone regardless of their IT know-how.

Some key features:

  • Data can be imported from over 70 local and cloud-based sources
  • All the graphics visualisations and filters available in the Pro version are included to make data presentation versatile and easily digestible
  • Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint in CSV and PDF form
  • Reports can be published on the web
  • Includes 10GB storage limit per user
  • You can’t share reports with other Power BI users – you’ll need the Pro version.

Power BI Pro

A fee is payable for the Pro version for all users: for instance, if your business has 20 users they’ll all require a licence.

The main difference between Pro and Desktop Power BI is the ability to share reports, dashboards and datasets with other users, so more collaboration is possible.

This makes the Pro version more appropriate for multi-site businesses.

Power BI Premium

Far more expensive than the Pro version, the licence for Power BI Premium includes unlimited use throughout a business or organisation and provides much more cloud storage.

  • Can host up to 50GB of data sets and includes 100TB of storage
  • Hosted in the cloud on fast servers, not as a local download
  • Offers more frequent data refreshes than other versions so information is very up to date

Power BI Premium is used by larger businesses and organisations with heavy workloads and would likely be set up and optimised for your requirements with the help of Power BI development experts.

Data analytics for everyone

Its various ‘flavours’ means Power BI puts top-quality data analytics information into the hands of businesses ranging from smaller concerns right up to multi nationals. The help of a Power BI development expert will help make the most of Microsoft’s powerful analytics package.