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Why The Isle Of Dogs Is A Great Place To Live

The Isle of Dogs might have an odd-sounding name but too many, it seems as though it could have a lot to offer. In this article, we are going to give you a number of reasons why now might be the time to begin your search for a home with Halls Property Group, the leading estate agents in Isle of Dogs.

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It’s A Unique Location

The location of the Isle of Dogs is quite unique, even though it is located on the River Thames. What makes it so unique is the way in which the island is boxed in as it only has two roads into it and two roads out. However, you might think that this makes it a quiet area but this is not the case, making it ideal for anyone who wants a busy and vibrant place to live.

Easy Access To The City Centre

For anyone who loves city living, this could be the best place to live. What you will find is that the island is perched between Canary Wharf in the north as well as one of the biggest city-based farms in Europe located to the south. For anyone living on the Isle of Dogs, they will find that they can take advantage of all that the city of London has to offer as they can access it with ease.

It’s Great For Family Life

While it might be in close proximity to the financial district, this doesn’t mean that it is only suitable for those who work in the area. In fact, the Isle of Dogs has plenty to offer families because a lot of money has been invested in schools in the area while there is a gorgeous park and a real community feel.

Great Transport Links

You might be located in the heart of the city but that doesn’t mean that getting around can prove a challenge. In fact, it is the complete opposite because you have plenty of ways to get around. The extended Jubilee line is on your doorstep which is ideal for commuters and those who want quick access into the city but getting out of the city is also simple enough. You have plenty of train stations and nearby airports to choose from, so jetting off won’t be a problem either.

Lots To See And Do

As mentioned, there are parks in the area for those who like to get out and about but there is so much more on offer. You won’t have to look too far to find plenty of entertainment to suit all ages. Whether it’s live shows, the cinema, music, sport or simply eating and drinking, there is always something to keep you entertained.

There are many reasons to consider living on the Isle of Dogs. If you are looking to relocate and want to purchase a property on the island then it helps to take a look at what is on offer. With many different property types, you are certain to find something that ticks every box.