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Best Recruitment Strategies to Try in 2022

The labor market has been experiencing candidate shortages for quite some time now, which makes finding top talent an even more challenging process for companies today. Along with offering a good salary and benefits, recruiters now need to stand out from other companies and leave a good impression using a creative recruitment approach as well. As a result, certain tactics have proved to be quite effective at attracting the right candidates, and here are some of the best recruitment strategies you should try in 2022:

Prioritize hiring internally

Internal hires should be a crucial aspect of your recruitment strategy, if they’re not already. Consider whether there are any people in your business who would be interested in performing the roles you are looking to fill. Don’t undervalue the importance of passion and devotion, not just experience. You can turn this into a rotation and you may even realize that your internal candidates come with some interesting benefits – they already know your company and culture well, and their unique backgrounds provide them with a fresh perspective on any deep-seated business problems.

Determine quality of hire

One of the most highly valued recruitment metrics, quality of hire is downgraded to determine how satisfied hiring managers were with the recruitment process way too often. Instead of doing the same thing, try to determine the success of hires across two years in four key areas: retention, potential, performance, and pay or promotion. After this gains some momentum, think about including your results into a specific narrative that will enable you to make better hiring decisions, such as recognizing that great matches make great hires. It is important that you go for quality when it comes to finding the best people to work for you, so if you feel like you need extra help in that area then you may want to look at the best talent acquisition software that you can use during the finding and hiring process. It can discover quality matches, plus, it builds internal and external pipelines to find what you are looking for.

Consider outsourcing

In an increasingly competitive labor market, working with an experienced recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company can be of great help. Along with sourcing and placing quality candidates, a company like this can also take care of the design and execution aspects of the recruitment process. An expert RPO solution provider like Alex Gotch can help you devise a recruitment process that perfectly suits the needs and requirements of your organization, tackling talent acquisition with a strategic and consistent plan. As a result, your business will have more flexibility to achieve its recruitment goals while delivering speed and reduced costs as well.

Incentivize referrals

In an effective recruitment strategy, referrals from your employees should account for approximately half of all your hires. The advantages of this tactic are wonderful – a boost in employee morale, lower cost per hire, and new hires who already have some insider knowledge regarding the positive and negative aspects of your workplace culture. Employee referral programs can be successful at both high-volume and hard-to-fill roles across the organization. You just have to market these programs well and offer the right incentives to your employees that will encourage them to participate. Furthermore, incorporating specific approaches, such as Healthcare Talent Solutions in the healthcare sector can significantly enhance the effectiveness of referral programs. The key is to ensure that your chosen approach is tailored to your company’s industry and specific needs. 

Turn to social media

Social media is a brilliant recruiting tool for expanding your business’s talent pool. Post available job openings and descriptions on your social media platforms, and make sure to include relevant links to the applications. This can be quite helpful for recruiting, as even if these posts reach uninterested individuals, they may know people who would be a good fit, and therefore easily advertise a job quickly with them. Social media platforms are also ideal for posting your current employees, the office and work environment, as well as the overall company culture, all of which can help to attract candidates. 

Hire for future culture

While it’s often recommended to hire good cultural fits, this can quickly lead to unconscious biases and a sea of yes-men who continue to perpetuate the same mentalities. This isn’t a positive aspect of growth. Rather than keeping everything the same, ask yourself how every hire can contribute to and enhance your culture in a more distinct way. Just like the quality of hire, it’s vital to determine what your future culture will look like in advance, to be able to look for unique characteristics that will allow you to reach that goal.

Talent acquisition can be a challenging task, and making sure you’ve made the right decision an even more daunting prospect. Use the efficient recruitment strategies above to streamline this process and ensure success in 2022.