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How to Improve the Security of Your Commercial Building

It is a sad fact that crime is a part of modern life in most civilizations. In the UK alone, in April 2020 there were over nineteen thousand burglaries committed. These form both home invasions and theft, or breaking and entering intocommercial buildings. The effects of burglary on a business can be devastating. There may be the loss of valuable commercial or office equipment, which can include the loss of sensitive documents and information. In addition, it is likely that damage to property will occur during a burglary which can be expensive to fix. Today, many business owners seek to make their commercial buildings as safe as possible to minimize the threat of a break in. In this article some of the key ways in which you can effectively protect your business from break-ins will be explored.

Fit secure perimeter fencing

A key deterrent to any potential burglar is limiting the ease and accessibility to access your building. This can be achieved by installing strong and hard wearing commercial fencing which is designed with security in mind. High quality perimeter fencing provides a strong visual deterrent against burglary and is often installed at a height that would make entering the premises difficult for any would be thief. In addition to the height of the construction, many businesses opt for designs that eliminate the possibility of climbing the fence by giving no access for finger or foot holds by using an aperture mesh construction. For premises where expensiveequipment is stored or extremely sensitive information, razor wire is installed at the top of the fencing which can provide an extremely effective visual deterrent for any potential intruders.

Add an alarm and CCTV technology

Most burglars are fearful of being caught in the act of committing a break in or being caught on camera as this can be used in a court of law to convict them. A modern alarm system will include a range of sensors that detect intrusion into the building and some for commercial use are linked directly to the police. This means that a notification is given to them if the alarm is triggered and can provide an effective and immediate response from law enforcement. CCTV technology is now commonly used in and around commercial premises. Improvements in imaging technology now mean that an accurate picture can be recoded of the intruder that will be able to assist in evidence for the conviction of the offender. There are a wide range of commercial quality CCTV systems that are used to deter criminals and provide evidence for conviction should a break in occur. Here are some of the bestin 2022

Mark all high value equipment

The theft of high value commercial and office equipment can cost a business an immense amount of money to replace and can create a significant budgetary impact that can devastate smaller businesses. Thankfully, today there are a range of ways to label or mark such high value equipment which can subsequently assist in their recovery from criminals. One such product is smartwater which is a transparent liquid which provides an irrefutable forensic code to any equipment. This allows the owner of the stolen property to prove it is theirs and is recognized in court as proof of ownership.