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Wicked Uncle – Amazing toys for kids

Can you remember your favourite toy? Mine was a faint Aquaman figurine that I discovered underneath a rusty bench. 

I knew nothing about Aquaman. I recognised him slightly, but still, he was special to me. He was special because he was different. Different from any other gift or toy I’d ever had. 

My figurines were all knight based, as that’s what I liked at the time. Or so I thought… I never had an uncle. Never mind a Wicked Uncle. 

A Wicked Uncle is someone who brings the unexpected. A Wicked Uncle is the kind of person that outshines all present expectations. A Wicked Uncle is someone that arrives last at a birthday party, holding a box that has everybody guessing.

And Wicked Uncle is a tool that can help you become exactly that person. 

When I first accessed the Wicked Uncle website, I suddenly rediscovered what it was like to be a kid.

Walking into a skyscraping toyshop with mountains of games surrounding me. The warm yellow lights, the shelves full of fun and the endless aisles you want to get lost in.

Instantly, I had to inspect every webpage and relive my childhood. 

I didn’t expect to add anything to my basket but quickly, items stacked up in there…

It felt like picking up toys you knew your parents wouldn’t buy, but you had to hold them anyway, to pretend for a moment that they were yours.

It’s that easy. Without meaning to, my holiday shopping for the little ones was done. And I know that when they open their presents, I will be by their side – just as excited. It won’t be another piece of plastic I don’t understand but a game. A game we can play together. 

Oh, and they’ll do the hard labour work for you… with their expert gift-wrapping service! There are plenty of options to choose from at checkout, and if the present wasn’t already impressive enough – the neat wrapping paper is sure to turn some heads. 

Wicked Uncle doesn’t just list toys. They let you connect with your children, grandchildren and nephews and nieces! 

It’s more than just toys – it’s a conversation about what it’s like to be young and full of dreams. 

Their blog offers a bunch of advice and guidance for new toys. As well as countless jokes that’ll make you question how mature you really are. 

It’s stress-free. It’s simple to use. And most importantly, it’s fun! 

Using their detailed search option, I found this little gem… And I can see her laugh already! A child’s laugh is precious, isn’t it? It lights up a whole room. It lights up the entire world. 

That’s only a fragment of their rich catalogue that lets you see the world through their eyes. 

As time goes on, it becomes harder to understand what toys our children want. Maybe things are changing too quickly, or the world is turning rudely digital. But don’t let yourself be fooled: nothing on a screen will ever be as fun as a good old-fashioned toy! 

The team at Wicked Uncle work hard every day to show the world that real fun isn’t two-dimensional. They scour the planet for new, innovative toys. For them, it’s an inherent devotion. 

They keep you up to speed with the fantastic, ever-evolving, world of toys. 

Present scouting can be a burden. But it shouldn’t be, because after all, it’s about love, fun and togetherness. Wicked Uncle reminded me of that. 

Are you a Wicked Uncle? A Super Grandparent? A Crafty Niece? An ingenious Friend of the Family? 

Well, say hello to the return of simple fun with Wicked Uncle!

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.