There are a host of reasons why organic cotton is a stellar choice for newborns and infants — not least of all because it is soft and gentle on their skin. In addition, organic cotton is grown without pesticides or harsh chemicals, making it a safer option for babies and the environment. Organic cotton should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for the best fabric for your child’s sensitive skin, which can keep them cool in summer.

Let’s dive into a few reasons why you should choose organic cotton, supporting UK brands such as Little Seeds when buying clothes for your little one. 

It Will Keep Them Cool

Because organic cotton is hand-picked, the natural fibres are kept long and undamaged — this allows for a fantastic amount of airflow, making organic cotton incredibly breathable fabric. This is endlessly helpful in ensuring your baby doesn’t overheat, a big worry for parents during the warmer months. Synthetic materials do not allow for airflow and can be dangerous when it’s warm, so organic cotton is a smart choice for parents worldwide. 

It’s Durable

Another benefit of the delicately hand-picked organic cotton is that the natural fibres are more intact, which translates into a more durable fabric once spun and woven. Organic cotton can withstand more wear and washes, which is ideal for long-lasting baby clothes.

Better for the Environment

This brings us to the eco-friendly aspects of organic cotton. Not only do organic cotton baby clothes last longer, allowing parents to consume less, but there are some other aspects to organic cotton that make it kinder to the planet during the growing process. Organic cotton is grown without using any harsh chemicals or pesticides, which can contribute to polluting water sources and harming surrounding nature and wildlife. 

Better for Sensitive Skin

As well as being kinder to the environment, because organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides, it is also kinder to the skin. This becomes highly important for babies and infants as they do not develop a protective layer to their skin until about two years old. This means that anything potentially toxic or irritating within a fabric can easily penetrate their skin and cause a reaction — the purity of organic cotton can eliminate the risk of this type of irritation. 

As well as baby clothes, organic cotton muslin cloths can be an excellent choice for babies with extra sensitive skin, as the super-soft and chemical-free cloths are perfect for dabbing away dribble or extra food — with less risk of causing irritation.