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Essential gardening tools every new gardener needs

In the age where technology and modernized architecture are overflowing every town and every life aspect, many people are trying to reconnect with nature. No matter if you have a huge estate, a small garden, or just a big balcony, it is nice to have some greenery growing around. Besides, it feels pretty nice to grow something – it brings a certain sense of pride.

However, being a good gardener takes time, finances, lots of effort, experience, and knowledge. If you want to go through this journey, be aware of all of these components because all of them are equally important. The results are, nevertheless, amazing and rewarding.

First of all, you will need some land for your gardening. Once you find it, you need tools. Sometimes a lot of them. Along with that, some other equipment is probably necessary.

In this article, we’re going to cover the basic tools and gear you need to start. After that, if you have the resources, you can go wild with all kinds of gadgets.

Garden hose

When you deal with any kind of plant, you need to water them regularly. For a flower pot, a small water bottle is quite okay, but for real gardening, a proper garden water hose is essential.

This tool is pretty simple in its structure, but be sure to get a quality one, because of all the dragging and bending it must endure all the time.

If you can, get one with an adjustable nozzle or find the nozzle as an add-on; it helps a lot if you can adjust the spray pressure for different purposes.

Watering can

Along with the hose, you will need a watering can for smaller tasks. Not everything needs that much water. You’ll need it for flowers and small fruits, for sure. Besides. a watering can is easier to use for children and elderly people.

Gardening gloves

Gardening can be lots of fun, but don’t forget that you can hurt your hands pretty often.

Lots of flowers and other plants have protective thorns and surfaces, and others are just rough or can cause itches. Also, it is good to stress less when cleaning your hands after gardening, not having to worry about mud under your nails and sticking to your skin.

Good gardening gloves cost a bit more, but be sure to choose the best ones because some gloves may cause discomfort, blisters, or just rip fast.


Quality workwear always helps, in any kind of job. Sometimes, for gardening, you need to protect yourself from different kinds of discomfort or danger.

Gardening is done in many different environments, so often you have to come prepared. There is work/safetywear of all kinds out there: women’s and men’s basic workwear, safety wear and add-ons, fire-resistant clothing and boots, etc.

If you think you need safetywear to finish the task properly and feel completely safe while doing it, invest and it will pay off when you proudly see the results.

Spades and hand trowels

No gardening can be done without some sweat and hand tools. Spades and trowels are needed for any kind of ground digging, moving of soil, or moving some of your plants around.

Trowels are there to help you with transplanting your herbs and plants or removing any weeds that are surely going to appear around and in your garden.

Spades are used for digging holes for new plants, lifting sod, and moving smaller amounts of dirt from one place to another.


One more essential component for your new gardening adventures is the wheelbarrow. Moving soil, dirt, plants, weeds, or any other kind of heavy baggage is much easier if you have this tool nearby.

If you want one that lasts a long time, it may cost a few extra pennies, but you will thank yourself as soon as you start using it. It will save so much time and energy, which you can use to do other things after gardening, instead of being tired from all the carrying around.

These are just the main tools you will need to start. When you get these, you can slowly add some more, for your gardening life to be perfect. Good luck, and don’t forget to buy seeds for that garden!