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3 Key Upgrades for a Busy Family Home

If you have a large family, you will know that even in the biggest of houses, space can be at a premium. In addition, keeping the home decluttered and looking stylish, is an ongoing battle! Family life can be chaotic at times. As your children get older, mum and dad tend to become an on-call taxi service for children’s parties, sports or hobbies! Friends can come over to visit and occasional sleepovers can become commonplace during the summer holidays.

A family home is one that must serve multiple functions, and has a regular footfall of guests and family members, throughout the day. If this situation sounds familiar and you are also looking to upgrade some of the key spaces in your family home, then this article will be of true benefit. We’ll explore three main upgrades you can undertake to improve its style and functionality.

Modernise your living room

A busy family home will have the living room as a focus of activity throughout the day. Whether it’s filled with toys as the kids play, or the meeting point for an evening of family entertainment – it’s a room constantly in use. If your living room is showing signs of wear and tear, or the design is starting to look dated, then it is certainly time to start planning a meaningful makeover!

Family sofas and seating can age quickly because of their continual use, so it can make perfect sense to invest in some modern-day furniture which is made to be both stylish and hardwearing. Companies such as Ligne Roset Bromley, specialise in furniture that is both elegant and fit for long term family use. High quality contemporary furniture such as this, can become the focal point of any living room, and an upgrade will make a tangible improvement to both the overall style and comfort of this family space. 

Invest in elegant storage solutions

If you have more than one child, you will know just how easily rooms can become cluttered with toys, games and children’s clothing. It can be a real battle to keep your home looking clean and tidy, when it seems at times that you have the equivalent of a small toy shop scattered around your home! Thankfully, today’smodern storage units, offer both the capacity to keep clutter hidden out of sight, while complimenting the overall style and feel of your house. In the children’s rooms, it’s a smart move to choose bed units that have their own storage contained in the design, and study-desks that also provide space for other items. Here are some great, stylish storage solutions for a busy family home.

Make your bathroom a refuge for relaxation

Finding the time for dedicated relaxation can be hard in a busy family home. One way to do this, is to upgrade your bathroom to transform it into the perfect place to unwind. With some key modifications to your shower or bath, you can recreate the feel of a spa experience at home, by installing water jets!

Few things in life are as relaxing as a hot bath with water bubbling around your body, or a power shower that helps to massage every muscle. Add some indoor plants to your bathroom that thrive in humid conditions, and you’ll have the soothing visual appeal of nature, as you take a long, hot soak. In short, with a few simple adjustments, your bathroom can become a sanctuary of relaxation in your hectic family home.