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5 Ways To Know If It’s Time To Replace Your Boiler

Boilers are one of the most commonly used household items. Its purpose is to keep your home warm during the winter months. Most faults can go unnoticed unless the heating unexpectedly stops or your water refuses to warm up. Having your boiler break down when you least expect it can be very frustrating and costly, especially in the winter.

However, this failure can be averted in time to save you from surprises. Ensuring your boiler is in the proper condition will help improve the quality of heating, reduce your carbon footprint, boost levels of energy efficiency, and give you peace of mind. In this article, you’ll discover ways to know if your boiler is due for replacement.

1 . It’s Over 10 Years Old

Though your boiler might still be functioning as usual, after 10 to 15 years of use, it needs to be replaced by a newer one. Even if it doesn’t seem to have any faults, it is common knowledge that old appliances are generally less efficient than newer ones. 

Also, the newer versions are more eco-friendly and safe. If you decide to keep using your old boiler, you’ll encounter problems that’ll make you spend money on constant repairs.

2. It Makes An Unusual Noise

This is the first tell-tale sign that your boiler needs to be replaced. Usually, your boiler is supposed to make a low hum when starting up. However, when you start hearing whirring, banging, rattling, or other strange noises, you should consider getting a new boiler. 

3. Your Home Doesn’t Feel Warm

As you walk through the front door and into your house in the winter season, your home should be pleasantly warm to keep you and your loved ones cosy. However, if your radiators aren’t working as they used to or the boiler keeps going off, you should get a new boiler quote for a fresh boiler installation. You’ll then be able to see how much it will cost and ensure that your home stays toasty warm, especially during the winter months. 

4. You See A Leak 

If puddles appear around your boiler, this is a major red flag that something is wrong. It could be due to an internal problem or disintegration of the boiler. 

Water can cause damage to your boiler, including rust and corrosion. This will also mean that your heating will be less efficient and will eventually cause the boiler to pack up for good. Common causes of boiler leakage include corroded pipes, loose joints, worn-out valves, and old age. So, consider getting a replacement.

5. There’s A Bad Smell

A healthy boiler should never emit any odour. Unusual smells that can signify a faulty boiler are metallic, electric burning, or burning fabric smells. Carbon monoxide can also be a problem, as it can be dangerous to you. Faint smells around your boiler can indicate a carbon monoxide leak. You’ll need the services of a professional immediately.


Having a boiler at home brings you comfort, especially in the winter season. However, problems may arise, needing you to upgrade to a more efficient one for added comfort. When that time comes, you should do so. This is a wiser choice than facing an emergency when you aren’t prepared.