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Modern Interior Design Tips For 2022

If you’ve been waiting until the summer and autumn months to hit out on your interior redecoration projects, you’ll be just about ready to start making a plan. The warm weather and longer days mean it’s easier to perform renovations, and you may even have planned a short holiday to coincide with the most disruptive work. This article is about how you can incorporate modern interior design elements to your planned renovation in order to make your home feel fresh, current, and new.


When you think of the modern world, the first thing that’ll jump to mind is likely to be digital technology. From the smartphone to the smart TV, devices have come on in leaps and bounds in the past ten years, and people have become used to the incredibly sophisticated technology that they can fit in their pockets and fix to their walls. When it comes to modernising your home with technology, here are a few ideas:

  • Cordless charging points can be in-built to your furniture so that your smartphone will share as it’s resting on surfaces.
  • Smart TVs and speakers can connect you to a world of streamed entertainment. Speakers can be positioned and synced all around your home for that surround-sound experience. 
  • You can also instal smart metering and other modern, tech-driven heating and electricity products to help you save on your soaring energy bills. 

Making your home more modern means engaging with the latest technology – giving you access to the luxuries of modern life. 


While some fashion and interior design magazines are advocating the “clutter core” aesthetic, the minimalist look is still considered modern, sleek and sophisticated. Of course, it can be achieved in a variety of ways, from making your rooms predominantly white and clutter-freeto using sleek, modern interior design objects to give your home a streamlined and seamless feel. 

Materials are an important part of minimalism. While light woods can lend a fresh feel to a minimalist home, dark woods are generally to be avoided, as they crowd a room and make interiors feel less open and spacious. Meanwhile, you could use Moroccan tadelakt to furnish walls, kitchens, and bathrooms. But what is tadelakt? It’s an ancient material, favoured in north Africa, which gives surfaces a gorgeous brushed, satin finish. It’s the perfect detail to add to a minimalist, modern home. 


As alluded to above, interior design features include furniture, and these pieces will determine how modern your home feels. The obvious point here is that old furniture that looks a little rough around the edges is going to contradict the modern aesthetic you’re trying to build in your home. Try to purchase new and long-lasting furniture so that your home exudes that modern feel for months and years to come. 

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of other features and furniture items that you can add to your home to further develop a modern aesthetic. Think here of lighting that gives your rooms a warm, comforting glow at night and a fresh, white-light feel in the daytime. Often, modern homes will use changeable bulbs, which glow in different colours depending on the time of the day, to really make rooms feel spacious and cosy when the time is right. 


The world is changing fast, and you never know what life will look like in ten years’ time. Even if you expect to have sold your home by that time, you should still make renovations with the future in mind, as well thought-through renovations will mean you add value to your home that lasts for the long run. As such, if you’re planning a renovation, consider what you could change about your electrics, heating, and plumbing to make your home future-facing. 

One example is the pressure of global warming. As successive governments set ambitious carbon neutral agendas, one of the key targets is household energy and waste. In the future, most homes will likely be purely electric, as gas will be regarded as too dirty to heat water and homes. With this in mind, converting your home to electricity only, with electric heaters and hobs, will help you leap ahead in terms of your interiors. Speak to future-facing interior design firms to learn more about what you can change about your home in order to make it more appealing long into the future. 

Redesigning the interior of your home is an exciting and rewarding challenge. Bear the tips in this article in mind if you’d like your home to exude a modern, sleek, and luxurious feel.