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Germany on a Budget: Germany Traveling Tips for Frugal Travelers

Germany is a very stable country with a firm economy, great pay and plenty of job opportunities. However, despite that, it’s not an overly expensive country for tourists, and it’s possible to have a super fun and diverse trip on a budget. A friendly country for all types of travelers—backpackers, solo travelers, people with kids, and all others—Germany will not drain your pockets yet provide you with an authentic experience. Here’s how you can travel Germany on a budget:

Find cheap accommodation

After you arrive, the most important thing is to find accommodation and solve your biggest expense. And that expense doesn’t have to be huge. Websites like Urlaubam Bauernhof has thousands of farm stays for free if you just give a hand around the farm (perfect for longer stays). Those planning to stay in Germany for only a few days and focusing on city adventures can find hostel accommodation for 10-20 euros per night. Airbnb goes around 30-45 euros while you can get a fully private hotel room for 60+ euros. Of course, if you want to save up, avoid visiting during the season and during school holidays.

Use public transport

Don’t even think about taxis or other expensive transport in Germany. This country is covered with a cheap and reliable network of public buses and trains. Buses are great for traveling around the city, but if you want to go outside the beaten path, opt for trains. Almost every city, town and even village is connected with a train and extensive bus services. To save up even more, book your tickets in advance.

Hop on a city tour bus

When in any bigger German city, don’t miss a chance to explore it to the fullest. If you don’t want to do all your exploration on foot, a Hop On-Hop Off bus is a great idea. Cities like Munich have amazing city tours, so purchase your awesome Munich city sightseeing tour and enjoy all the freedom of exploring the city on your own and at your own pace, but not having to walk for miles and miles. With 11 stops at the most important city sites, you can have an extensive city tour without feeling exhausted. They also offer affordable day trips for those who are staying in Germany a bit longer.

Eating and drinking for cheap

Germany is famous for its amazing beer and food, and you can get a decent meal from a street vendor for 3 to 6 euros. Snacks like bratwurst, currywurst or potato salad are very popular, tasty, filling and cheap. On the other hand, Germany has a very big community of Turkish people so you can easily find a delicious kebab, doner or lahmacun for even less than traditional German food. If you want to sit down for a lunch in a big city, look out for business lunch deals that allow you to save a few euros for a pretty filling lunch. And don’t forget to ask for tap water (Leitungswasser) which is perfectly good for drinking.

Soak up the atmosphere

Modern Germany has a very slow and relaxed lifestyle, so to chill out and soak up the atmosphere, just find a nice corner cafe or bar and sip your drink for an hour. It will only cost you a few euros to relax, do some people watching and maybe even strike up a conversation with a local.

Do free activities

Activities while traveling cost a lot, but in Germany, you can enjoy many free activities. For instance, you can spend the afternoon in one of the many parks and have a picnic surrounded by tons of locals. Or you can go strolling through the streets of old towns such as those in Munich, Berlin or Hamburg. Spending time in nature and going on a hike or river excursion is also great activity. Germany is also a country of culture and history and many cities have museum days with free or very discounted fees. For instance, in Berlin, you can enter almost all museums for free every first Sunday of the month.

Join thousands of tourists every year who come to Germany to have an affordable and exciting travel adventure. Germany will allow you to enjoy history, nature, city hustle and bustle and tasty food and drinks without breaking your bank.