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3 Useful Lawn Care Tips 

There is something so satisfying about looking out over your garden and seeing a lush, green, healthy lawn. Our outdoor space often plays a big part in our lives, from being a space to enjoy the fresh air to being where children can play safely, to even being a hub of entertaining. If you can make your lawn look great, the garden will be an even more positive influence on your life.

Yet many people find it hard to make their lawns look as good as they would want. This is a shame when, by following just a few useful lawn care tips, you really can make your grass greener than your neighbor’s. With this in mind, read on to find out what some of these tips are. 

Remove The Unwanted Elements 

Your lawn should be grass and grass alone, and if you have weeds, moss, and thatch growing in it, it won’t look as healthy and vibrant as you probably want it to look. Not only do these ‘extra’ plants look bad, but they will be taking nutrients away from the lawn itself, adding to its unhealthy appearance. 

This is why it’s important to remove these things when you can. The simplest way to deal with weeds is to pull them out by hand, but this can take some time. If you need extra help, there are tools you can use or weed killers you can use, although make sure these are environmentally safe to use, of course. Plus, if you have children or pets, you will need to ensure it’s safe for them too. 

Improve Drainage 

When you have poor drainage in your garden, your lawn can easily become waterlogged, and when that happens, it can take days to become healthy again. Too much water is just as bad as too little, so it’s important to notice when this is happening and to work out why. 

It could be the soil in your garden; some take on too much water. It could be the gradient of your lawn. It could even be something to do with the drainage system in your house. Understanding what the issue is means that you can either do something to fix it, such as calling in a drainage contractor to help you, or reduce the impact it might have. 


Aeration means that air and water can get to the roots of your grass much more easily. When this happens, your lawn will be healthier because it is getting the nutrients it needs. Aeration might seem like a complicated process, but it’s very easy and something that anyone can do. Some people even find it quite relaxing. 

All you need to do to aerate your lawn is to make holes in it at various intervals. Don’t worry that this will ruin the look of your lawn; the holes only need to be very small, just enough so that water and air can more easily penetrate. Just take a garden fork and stab it into the ground around your lawn, and this can make all the difference.