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Expensive vs Cheap Wallets: Are They Worth the Price Tag?

Almost everyone carries a wallet in one form or another; they are all but essential for modern life. One of the biggest factors that can affect your choice of wallet is the price tag. In all honesty, wallets can be expensive, but what drives the price up and is it worth paying more for one? Let’s take a look.

The Brand

One of the elements that have the biggest effect on the price of the wallet is the brand. Luxury wallets from high-end brands are obviously going to cost more than one you’d pick up from a cheap brand. The high price does indeed come from, in part, the higher quality materials, but it is also from the brand itself. These brands have cultivated a reputation for their products, and their branding is instantly recognizable. For example, the men’s wallets by SSENSE are all from different designers, and you can very quickly get an idea of what is typical and recognizable for each brand. 

The Materials

Another element that will affect the price tag is the materialsthe wallet is made of. Some brands hand-make their wallets with high-quality materials, which obviously takes longer and costs more on their end, which is then reflected in the price that they charge. Most of the time, more expensive wallets tend to be made from premium leathers, and they are incredibly well constructed with longevity in mind. On the other hand, cheaper wallets simply can’t be made from high-quality materials because manufacturers can’t afford them when the price of the wallets is so low. Therefore, cheaper wallets do not tend to be as well made, which does mean that they won’t last as long and will therefore need replacing more often. 

How to Choose

Choosing between expensive or cheap wallets is entirely up to you. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple. If you have the money to purchase from a high-quality brand, then it might be worth doing so because it will likely last longer and be a good investment. On the other hand, if a cheap wallet is all you can afford, then that will work just as well. It is totally a personal choice. Designer or high-quality brands don’t always have to mean super expensive either. You could always go for one of the cheaper or more basic offerings. Depending on who you purchase the wallet through, you might also be able to find a discount code

In The End

The truth is, for the most part, more expensive wallets are certainly worth the money if you can afford to spend it. They tend to be an investment piece that you can use for years to come. In that respect, when you add up all of the cheaper wallets you would have had to buy in that time, you might find that the money you have spent isn’t all that different. That being said, not everyone is in the position to purchase an expensive wallet. So be sure to think through your options carefully.