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Pamper Your Pooch: 6 Ways You Can Treat Your Beloved Canine Friend

The companionship between a human and their dog is one of a kind. It is a strong bond that is built on love and trust and one that is celebrated by many. Recent research shows that dogs are the nation’s favourite animal, with many homes homing a dog or two. It is clear that the companionship between dogs and humans has resonated with many people and is a bond that many wish to have. This could be one of the many reasons dogs are among the most popular pets in the nation.

As they are the nation’s favourite animal and a popular pet for many, taking care of them and showing them how much they mean is essential. If they are a rescue dog, showing them consistent love will help you to get them settled in your home and make them feel comfortable and safe. One of the best ways to show your dog how much you love and care for them is to pamper them.

If you are looking for various ways to pamper your beloved canine friend, keep reading to find out how.

Visit Their Favourite Park

You will gradually notice over time that your dog will have a favourite place they like to go to. For most dogs, it is the park. Some towns have dog parks which are designed with canines in mind. These are often the most favourite spots for dogs as the large open fields provide the perfect place to run and play fetch with their owner. Socialising with other dogs and making new canine friends is also great.

If your dog loves the water and the park they love has a stream, if it is safe, allow them to have five minutes to splash around. There will likely be other dogs and their owners there too, so there will be the bonus of them (and you) socialising. Of course, allowing your dog five minutes to splash in the water will result in a wet and potentially muddy pooch to clean when you get home. However, pampering them when you get home will be worth seeing how happy they look when splashing around in the water or running around the park on their own or with other dogs.

Treat Them At Meal Time

An occasional special treat meal is something that many of us look forward to. The excitement and anticipation of knowing we will be feasting on our favourite meal. Why not share this experience with your dog? If there is a brand of food or a particular flavour that you know they love but is a little expensive, consider purchasing one to treat them every once in a while.
It doesn’t have to be something you do daily, but every once in a while, consider buying that particular brand of food you know they love. It can be the perfect treat after a day of pampering and spoiling them. You can even look at these Dental Chew Reviews to see if they have the flavours that your dog prefers, so you can give your furry friend a treat, while also looking after their health at the same time. 

Invest In Some Clothes

Dog clothes have become a popular trend in recent years. Many dog owners are looking for ways to dress their dogs in clothes, hats or costumes. Clothes for dogs can be helpful, especially in the colder months when you want to keep your dog warm and comfortable.

Look at the wonderful selection of dog jumpers available at DoggySquad. Take a glance at their site, and you will likely find a dog jumper that will be the perfect fit for your canine friend. Aside from dog jumpers, DoggySquad also has an excellent selection of other canine clothes.

Choose A New Toy

If your canine friend loves a dog toy or two, consider investing in a new toy for them. Look online or visit your local pet store to see what options are available. If you know that your dog is partial to destroying their toys, find toys that are durable and that are likely to last longer such as nylon chew toys for dogs.

 Search for toys you know your dog loved in the past but have since been destroyed. Replace these beloved toys with a new version. Additionally, you could always take your canine friend to the pet store with you. You can allow them to select their favourite toy from their selection.

Purchase A New Bed

Think about when you brought your dog their current bed. You might notice that their current bed is looking a little worn and the worse for wear. If this is the case, consider treating your dog to a new bed. The market is inundated with quality dog beds to choose from, and each one can provide your dog with great comfort and support when they sleep. An additional bonus is that these beds do not have to be costly investments.

Trip To The (Dog) Spa

Sometimes we all need a day or an afternoon to be pampered. Spending time to allow any of our stresses and worries to melt away as we receive a pampering treatment. The same is true for your dog. An afternoon or day trip out to the dog spa (or groomers) could be something they look forward to.

Allow them to get washed, clipped, brushed and preened to perfection. They will likely enjoy the attention and love they receive when pampered, and you will not have to worry about cutting your dog’s fur or clipping their nails. When the time comes to take him home, you could use the new dog collar and lead set you might have purchased from DoggySquad.

Pamper Your Pooch

Pampering your pooch does not have to be an activity that breaks the bank. There are various affordable ways that you can pamper your pet from home. Any of the mentioned ways could help you to show your canine friend how much you love and care for them. Consider doing one or a few of these various treatments for your dog. It does not have to be for a special occasion, such as their birthday or Christmas. These could be done any time of year and will likely be greatly received by your pooch.