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5 Things That Keep Rodents Away from Your Home

Pests like rodents can give you and your family sleepless nights. And if not dealt with quickly, they can contaminate meals in the house, causing disease outbreaks. 

A good way to deal with rodent problems without spending much money or losing sleep is by adopting effective measures to keep these menace away from your home. After all, prevention, they say, is better than cure. So why wait till rats and mice infest your home before you act?

Here are five ways to keep rodents away from your home.

1. Leverage the power of peppermint oil

Do you have peppermint oil at home? If so, you have a potent rat weapon. Rats and mice have sensitive noses. Peppermint oil in high concentration can act as a deterrent to rodents and other pests.

While the fresh smell of this oil can excite your nostril, the experience is different and usually unpleasant for rodents. Once they perceive the oil, they won’t try to enter your home. For effective use, apply the peppermint oil in areas where rodents lurk. These places can include holes, cracks in crawl spaces, etc.

2. Use steel wool to block holes and gaps.

The size of rodents like rats and mice makes it easy and possible for them to sneak into your home through holes, cracks, or gaps. To ensure that these pests don’t penetrate your home through these entry points, you need to block them off completely using steel wool.

If you use other materials, rats and mice will chew through them and gain access to your home. Steel wool is the best and most effective option because rodents cannot chew wires, and at the same time, it affects their teeth. If you block holes and gaps around your home with steel wool, you will make it hard for these pesky rodents to enter your home, not to speak of disturbing you.

3. Apply rat poison

If rodents in your home are careful to avoid being caught in your traps, you can try poison. Applying rat poison in various rodent hotspots in your home is a brutal and effective way to get rid of these stubborn pests. There are a variety of rodent poisons you can buy on the market. However, you need to be very careful when applying them as they can be dangerous to pets and humans.

For effective results with this method, ensure you mix the poison with a portion of food the rodents in your home like. Once they ingest the food laced with poison, they’ll die. However, the issue with this method is that after rodents ingest poison, they don’t die on the spot.

Most times, they die in hidden areas in your home and rot, thus giving your home a foul smell. If you wouldn’t want such to happen, we advise that you use a pest control professional—possibly one that leverages technology—to get rid of your pest troubles. Pest control professionals use innovative technologies to eliminate pests. They also often offer free inspection services and a pest control plan that suits your pest issue.

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4. Store food appropriately 

Like humans, rodents need food to survive. And since it’s impossible to find some of these foods outside, they penetrate your home to feast. However, if your food is stored appropriately, these pests won’t lurk around for long because they need food to survive, and it’s obvious you aren’t willing to share yours.

On the other hand, if you store your food carelessly, you are giving the pests enough reason to spend time in your home. And who knows, they may decide to procreate, thus worsening your pest issue.

To ensure that such doesn’t happen, you’ll need to store your food well. Keep those tasty snacks far from the reach of rodents. You can use plastic or metallic containers to store your food. Taking these steps should discourage pests from lurking in your home. However, if they still prove to be stubborn, you’ll need to call in the pest control professionals to do their thing.

5. Set traps

Traps have been an effective panacea to a rodent issue. When placed in the right places, they can eliminate rodents, thus making your home rodent-free. However, to ensure that you kill as many rodents as possible, you’ll need to set the traps with a killer instinct.

First, you need to determine the entry points of the rodents, including areas where they love to hide or chill. Next, set the trap and stay patient. For the best results, you can use traps that kill and not capture.

However, if such an option isn’t up your alley, you can go for traps that capture and do the killing yourself. Make sure you take note of the traps so you don’t get caught in your trap. You should also ensure that you set them away from the reach of children.


Rodents will only come into your home if you allow them to. And rather than waiting till your home is infested with rats or mice, it pays to invest time, effort, and a little cash to rodent-proof your home. That way, you can have peace of mind.