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10 Summer Activities for Over 70’s!

As our dearly loved relatives get older it can become harder to include them in holidays and activities, especially if you have a few athletic and muscular teens around. The chance that your older relative could get hurt or fall ill trying to keep up with you all is not one to be considered. But you don’t have to leave your loved one out of all of your activities: seventy-year-olds today are much healthier and fitter than in previous generations and many would love to be given the chance to try out some activities with the whole family. Here are ten great summer activities for the over-seventies (should you then need further inspiration, you could check out this activities list over on Care For Family).

Take Up a Hobby

Instead of climbing that mountain and scaling those peaks, why not sit peacefully at the base and paint or sketch them instead? Creative pursuits are wonderful for older people as they help to retain and resharpen cognitive processes. If art is out, there are other crafts that you can all try out as a family: everything from glass-blowing to knitting to woodworking.


Gardening is good exercise and the level of exertion can be tailored to suit the older person’s needs. For example, if a whole garden is too much, they can fit out a couple of planters or baskets – and the beauty of planters is that they can often be moved to a care home, should this become necessary, so your older relative can keep up their gardening skills. If that time is drawing close, you can check out care homes in North Devon here.

Daily Walks

We humans need a certain amount of exercise each day to keep us functioning properly, and a daily constitutional is perfect for keeping the mind and body sharp, with the metabolism and digestion especially responding well to regular exercise.

Coffee and Lunch Dates

Treat your relative to a morning out or a lunch date, or arrange for them to meet up with old friends or former workmates over coffee and cake. Staying active doesn’t have to mean lots of activity, and reminiscing with friends can help stave off depression and lethargy.

Get Some New Tech

No matter where your loved one is living, they can enjoy a great quality of life with an investment in some new tech: a large tablet computer, smartphone, even a laptop or a new smart television – these can reopen the world to those who are too infirm or ill to get about by themselves. A games console is a surprisingly common possession in care homes all over the world as the rise ofthe Silver Gamer gets underway!


There is a whole range of sports aimed at keeping elderly people active. From walking-football and -rugby, to swimming classes, to chair exercises at which they can try out everything from aerobics to yoga, older people are increasingly keeping themselves fit, which has a wonderful knock-on effect on the physical and mental health.

Become a Granfluencer!

Tiktok is a wonderfully simple app to learn how to use, and older folks can start to pass on their wisdom with a series of the short, but usually interesting, videos that proliferate on the site. They can even ensure that old skills are passed on to a new generation.

Hit Social Media

If videos aren’t their thing, your loved one can still gain a lot from social media accounts, with plenty of interaction, breaking news flashes and the opportunity to chat with like-minded souls on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The world’s bird population is in decline, according to experts. Accordingly, many animal welfare groups are spending a lot of time appealing to people to take up birdwatching and commit to undertaking bird counts on specific days. As well as being a wonderful – and sedentary – pastime, your older relative can help to monitor bird populations in their area.

Read in the Sun

Finally, if it’s a nice sunny day and the latest Hilary Mantel (or similar!) has just come out, why shouldn’t your relative sit on a bench in a cosy corner and enjoy fresh air and sunshine as they sink deep into a fascinating historical tale?