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6 Best Camping Spots in the UK

The UK is apparently small, but seems to have more geography than mere area allows. This means that the country is full of hidden beauty spots, barely developed and now actively left to its own devices – beauty spots where you can camp and enjoy the stunning panoramas of the UK countryside at its very, unspoilt, best.

Peak District

While you cannot wild camp in the Peak District (although careful and respectful campers are sometimes granted a judicial blind eye), there are plenty of official campsites where you can book a berth and set up a tranquil home, right in the heart of the many mountains and valleys that have made this region an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Properly known by its Welsh name Eryri, Snowdonia is a beautiful mountainous region, bursting with beautiful views and often with a cap of snow to be glimpsed on the heights. Setting up camp here, you will have ready access to climbable mountains (as well as more challenging ones), crisp lakes and a plethora of hiking trails leading in all directions.

Dartmoor National Forest

One of the few national parks to allow wild camping, albeit with a strict time limit of a day or two, Dartmoor is known for its ponies, mortar free walls, and rolling moors. It is a truly timeless place to get away from it all, but choose to go in good weather as you are only allowed to use a lightweight tent.

New Forest National Park

Beautifully landscaped camping grounds welcome you, your tent or even your campervan to the heart of ancient woodlands, populated by many of the UK’s native animal species, including the world famous New Forest ponies, a tough and grumpy breed of small horse who live secretively in this place – although you can join a horse ride through the forest and maybe catch a glimpse of some of them.

Isle of Wight

An island that claims to always be sunny, even – or perhaps especially – when the mainland is enjoying yet another rain shower, the Isle of Wight is a small and welcoming community. Camping is big business and you can find everything from new age yurts to glamping sites that would put Cabo to shame to private sites where you can relax and become one with nature on your own terms. Farmers all over the island have shops selling basic groceries and you will soon settle into a routine as you explore this family-friendly island.


Ancient home of the bards and joined to mainland Wales by the narrowest of connections, Anglesey is home to the Menai Straits, an excellent place to try your hand at water sports of all types while you camp on the green, grassy shores of the almost island. Schoolchildren from all over the UK are brought here to expand their comfort zones, get to know one another and generally enjoy activities that they wouldn’t usually get to experience.

Camping is a wonderful pastime, cheaper than a hotel and a lot more fun. You can invest in a tent or a campervan, such as the compact-on-the-outside-but-surprisingly-spacious-inside Renault Trafic – read a more in-depth Renault Trafic review here – depending on your personal preferences and budget. Whichever you choose, you are sure to have a wonderful time, seeing a new, rather beautiful, side of the country.