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6 Refresh and Restore Tips to Bring Your Car to its Former Glory

The last couple of years were, without any doubt, very rough for all of us and the financial hardships we have encountered down the way forced us to rethink a lot of moves we have planned for. In most cases, that meant that the hot new car you wanted to buy for so long will have to wait in the showroom a while longer.

But, this situation doesn’t have to be all gloomy since, if you can’t afford a new ride, you finally have a good excuse to rekindle the love with your old four-wheeler and restore it to its former glory.

Let us take a look then at a couple of simple and affordable tips that will help you make your kick your car back into high gear and make it look new again.

Give it a good wash

Yeah, this may sound a bit on the nose, but after years upon years of continuous use, cars tend to pick up a lot of filth that can’t be easily removed with a single wash. We are talking both about the interior and the exterior of the vehicle. So, before you start making any other moves give your car a proper deep cleaning in a professional car wash – you will be surprised just how shiny the vehicle looks under all these layers of dirt and grime. Once you are done, make sure the exterior is polished, waxed, or even ceramic coated for the best protection. Remove the seats and give the same love to the upholstery.

Fix the paint

Any car that has seen an open road, or, even worse, city traffic is bound to pick up a couple of scratches or dents. Even if you avoid all these hurdles, the car paint can be easily damaged even by loose twigs or even elements. Be that as it may, all these small imperfections can create an impression of neglect and drag down the look of the vehicle. Fortunately, most of these small blemishes can be fixed with nothing more than touch-up paint kits you can find in any dedicated store. If the car suffers from some deeper scratches, giving it a fresh coat of paint will still keep your budget within some reasonable boundaries. If you’re not confident you can do a good job yourself, you can also take your car to a detailing company like CC Ceramic Coating Paint Protection & Detailing, where they’ll be able to restore your vehicle to its former glory.

Score some styling points

Now that you have fixed the paint and given your car a good wash, the exterior should be as close to the factory condition as it gets. But, why would you stop there when you finally have a clean slate to make some small upgrades and score easy styling points? You don’t have to go all ‘Fast & Furious’ – even small touches like affordable glow panels can go a long way in elevating the look of the vehicle. Of course, if you really want to get that cool under car LED lights, decorate the exterior with a vinyl sticker, or finally get a spoiler at the back of the car, we encourage you to do so. Your car can only look better as a result.

Restore the interior

In the first section, we have briefly mentioned that the interior of the car should get the same love and attention as its exterior. Well, now that you have performed deep cleaning, it is time to take a look at the interior materials and upholstery and see what you should do next. The materials that are only slightly worn out can easily be restored to full glory with simple plastic, leather or upholstery restore kits. Unfortunately, the parts that have been severely damaged will need to be replaced or covered up. Fortunately, you have a pretty good offer of the stylish steering wheel and seat covers to choose from.

Take care of the tires and wheels

You won’t be aware of just how ugly and worn out your tires look until you finally replace them with a new set. So, if your existing tires are nearing the end of their lifespan, feel free to knock yourself out and treat yourself with a set of stylish new units. While you are at it, feel free to take the car for a round of quick wheel alignment and see what you can do about the rims. You would be surprised what you can do with nothing more than a good microfiber or cotton cloth, dish soap, and a bottle of Coca-Cola. If the rims, on the other hand, look like a lost cause, you can cover them up with some good-looking hubcaps.

Make the interior cozy and eye-catching

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that, while you are doing your best to bring your old car to its former glory, you should do something for yourself as well and make sure that your future rides feel as cozy and enjoyable as possible. Here, your options are limited only by the things you find to be enjoyable. But, you can start with small treats like cozy floor mats, parking cameras, multimedia devices, car seat back support, and heating units. All these things won’t only make the time you spend in the car more enjoyable but also make the vehicle look trendier so feel free to experiment as much as you want.

We hope these few examples gave you a general idea about the ways you can make your old car look fresh, trendy, and new again. Sure, you have missed the chance to get yourself a new vehicle. No reason to worry, though – your old car still has plenty of miles in itself. And after so many miles you have passed together, it definitely deserves some love and care. So, use the money you have been putting aside to make your trusted four-wheeler shine again.