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4 Simple Ways To Add Some Personality To Your Home

There’s a lot to be said for the phrase “making a house a home.” Too often, we see sterile, white-washed houses lacking character and instead seem to mimic a doctor’s office. While there’s a lot to be said for a clean and sleek design for your home, it’s important to break up that generic appearance and make the place feel welcoming and unique at the same time. When you add personal touches to a house or even make use of some more interesting design options, you add some more character to the space, turning something that might otherwise feel like a showroom into an actual living space.

Make Use Of Colour

While you’ll likely be on the right track with choosing subtle shades for your home, such as whites and earthy tones, you must remember that you’re essentially turning your home into a canvas. You’re unlikely going to hang up an unpainted canvas as a decorative art piece, so why do the same for your home? Of course, you can go too far with colour, overloading a room and making it appear gaudy and unwelcoming, but at the same time, a splash of colour is important. Stick to one specific colour and try to use this to accentuate your room. Similarly, you should think about adding some greenery to your home, as plants have many benefits to your health and will naturally make the place more vibrant. 

Add Wall Finishes

Sometimes a wall can appear lacking in something, even if paintings and shelving units are affixed to it. One way in which people remedy this issue is by making use of wall finishes such as panelling and cladding. A stylish wooden wall panel adds texture and helps to break up the generic flat surface. For those looking for something unique, you may want to head to a site like Chartek.co.nz, where you’ll find timber charring specialists that can take your standard wood panels to another level. This is perfect if you’re a fan of the natural wood finish, but you’re trying to stay away from the orange/yellow/brown tones usually associated with wood. Alongside panelling, you could also opt for architraves, quality skirting boards, picture rails or mouldings from companies such as Period Mouldings. These designs are often reminiscent of Edwardian, Georgian, and Victorian-era décor and can add a wealth of personality to a room.

Display Personal Items

As this is meant to be your home, it’s a good idea to consider displaying some personal items wherever possible. This could be in the form of photographs of friends and family, décor items that you’ve picked up from your travels, or items that have some form of sentimental value to you. You can still consider whether these items work with the room’s overall theme, but more often than not, most items can work well as décor even if they stand out. These personal items will serve as a means of adding some character to the room while also working as a talking point for when you’re entertaining guests.

Hang Artwork

Another great method of sprucing up the décor in your home is to hang artwork such as paintings and prints. You could turn a bland wall into a large exhibition wall of prints, pictures, and mirrors. Artwork is a perfect way to inspire creativity, start conversations, and generally improve the mood of everyone around. It’s worth making sure that the artwork you choose fits the theme of the room as a collection of bright and vibrant pieces could clash too much with each other, as well as the overall design of the room. In some cases, people have designed a room around a favourite piece of artwork, using it almost as a colour palette.