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Why Shapewear Trend Is Still Hotter Than Ever?

That the hourglass body is considered the ideal standard by both women and men, everyone knows. Not everyone is blessed with this physique, but there are always a few tricks to achieve the guitar effect that every woman dreams of. In addition to the basic rules of clothing to ensure the desired silhouette, now a new weapon appears in the search for the pestle belt. Have you ever heard of Waist Training?

Yes, what you are looking at is a corset, these days also called a waist cincher, waist trainer or waist shaper. It’s been about a year since countless personalities began to madly use and publicize the practice of waist training. Instagram and other social networks are flooded with indications of manufacturers of the miraculous piece and all the fans say they are obsessed with the result obtained.

At first, it is nothing different from the corsets that we find for sale in specialized lingerie stores. But what exactly is waist training? It’s as simple as the literal translation: waist training. The proposal is a gradual modification of the waist area through the continuous use of waist shapers. You buy a full body shaper according to your body type and current measurements, start using the piece for just a few hours a day and gradually increase the number of hours until you can wear it all day. As the results come in you evolve into a smaller styler.

After many years just with the function of helping to reduce the belly of pregnancy or assisting in the recovery of plastic surgeries, the waist shaper has returned to its origins and is now used to really achieve a slimmer waist. Who doesn’t, right? Khloé and Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Lilly Ghalichi are some of the celebrities who support the practice.

backless shapewear is usually made of latex and structured with some fins (unlike tight lacing corsets, which are made of fabric and have a more rigid structure, thinking about a more radical body modification). What caught my attention is that the manufacturers even recommend exercising while wearing a corset. There is one made specifically for this purpose, made from a slightly lighter material and sometimes without fins.

Everyone who uses it reports that the beginning is extremely uncomfortable, but that the body gets used to it over time and that weight loss ends up happening for an obvious reason: with a tight stomach, you can eat less food and end up losing weight.

Ultimately, it’s the same 19th-century practice, in which women squeezed the waist into a tight corset through lacing. The difference between what was done in the 19th century and what is done now is that, before, it was a pure and simple adaptation to fashion. Women did not use corselets exclusively to modify their body shape, but simply to fit into the dresses of the time. However, it was something so aggressive that, in 1884, several medical articles were published advocating the reform of women’s clothing, as there were damages to women’s health (such as difficulty breathing, fainting and broken ribs). The current waist training, despite starting from the same principle, has a lighter and safer proposal.

The goal is not to get a 18-inch waist, nor to tighten your ribs until all your organs are squeezed down, but to achieve a slight improvement in the curve factor (those who don’t have it can get some). Those who use it swear that the effects appear in the first few days and that the result is not completely lost even when they stop using the waist shaper. Hey are you ready to get into this fashion? And acquire curves you never had before?