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What can you do to raise morale in your warehouse?

Having high morale in a warehouse is key to it functioning properly. You don’t get happy customers if your workforce isn’t happy and their morale is low. Remember, there are a lot of benefits to having a workforce with high morale, and it makes running a business an awful lot easier for all the effort that you have to go through to get there. 

Keeping morale high is not easy though, especially given the pressures on businesses after the events of the last few years. However, there are some things you can consider, whether hosting a small party at a Gangnam karaoke or similar facilities or offering them proper training to boost their confidence. The below-mentioned tips should make raising morale in your warehouse environment a much easier task.

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#1 You are going to need to focus on hygiene 

Keeping your warehouse clean is vitally important to your employee’s morale, although it can be far from easy. After all, you wouldn’t want to work in a dirty, neglected place and neither do they. So, by making sure that you are keeping your warehouse clean, you will make them a lot happier.

This also has the knock-on effect of keeping pests to a minimum, which (again, depending on which industry you are in) can mean less damage to the products or raw materials you hold. 

#2 Better communication in the workplace can make them happier

Employees tend to be happier if they know what they are doing, which only makes sense. Making sure that you have day plans all set up the day before and making sure that they are briefed on what needs to be done can be a great way to boost their focus, their understanding of what is going on, and consequently their morale – as they feel more a part of what is being achieved. 

#3 You need to give them somewhere to have their breaks

You might have the situation where people take breaks or eat their lunches at their packing benches or at their desks in the shipping office. You need to give them a clean space that is sheltered from wind, rain and sun, that is also heated in winter so they can eat and have their breaks in a space away from the warehouse. You need to make sure that they have access to drinks and snacks via a kitchen area or snack machine, to ensure that they are having their needs met. 

#4 Training boosts confidence and loyalty

These oare key traits for your workers to have. They should be confident in their roles and ideally, they should also be loyal to the business. By giving them advancement opportunities within their role and helping them boost their knowledge further, can help bring them closer to the business and the business ideals, which is useful for the company and the efficiency of your employees. 

#5 Decide on a HR or a Worker’s Union

You might think differently, but both of these things can be beneficial for your business. You need to understand that although a HR is a good tool for the business to have, it is more there to protect the business than it is your employees. A worker’s union however, is there to bring the employees and the business together to make a fair workplace. HR is all good, but if you are talking in terms of raising morale and wanting what is best for your employees, a workers’ union can be a far better match.