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Top Tips for Smooth Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

Undergoing cosmetic surgery takes a lot of toll on your body and mind. Enduring the procedure whilst being asleep, waking up in the hospital and going back home for a post-operative period will be a life-changing experience for many people. Whether you’re doing breast augmentation or fixing your crooked nose, the recovery will take time, patience, and obedience. You will want to go to a reputable clinic such as 8 West, with great surgeons that will let you know every detail about your surgery and what to expect. Here’s how you can recover faster and without hassle.

Listen to the doctor’s advice

Surgery downtime requires fortitude and lots of rest. Most of all, it’s crucial for you to listen to the doctor’s advice for the recovery to go well and be as quick as possible. Don’t follow other people’s advice blindly because every recovery is unique. On top of that, every person has different needs. What’s good for one body might be the worst remedy for other. So, listen carefully to the doctor during the first consultations and before you go home. Write down all of the tips and suggestions to be prepared for what comes after the procedure.

Eat lots of protein and vitamins

Diet is imperative for smooth recovery. Your body will need loads of proteins and vitamins to speed up the healing process. Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables to boost the fibres in the diet. Some medication causes constipation, and fibres are essential for good digestion. Avoid junk food and snacks filled with empty calories. Homemade food will be best for your recovery. If you don’t usually cook, have your mum, friend or partner make food for you. Consider ordering homecookedmeals online if you don’t have help at hand.

Don’t overexert yourself

If you’re used to a highspeed tempo in your everyday life, you’ll need to slow down after your cosmetic surgery. Strenuous and stressful activities need to stay aside. You’ll need plenty of rest and relaxation to help your incisions heal well and fast. Avoid sun exposure and rest in your bed for as long as your doctor recommends. That’s especially important if you live in Australia and are used to soaking up the sun in your backyard. One of the first pieces of advice every doctor who’s done breast implants in Melbourne will give you is to avoid sunbathing until your stitches are out and your scarring has healed. Sun exposure is equal to heavy lifting and arduous work as it can cause bleeding and prolong the healing process.

Don’t be too passive either

While you shouldn’t be too active, you shouldn’t become a couch potato either. Listening to your body is imperative, aside from taking the doctor’s advice. Walk to the bathroom, take a few more steps every day and listen to what your body is telling you. If you’re tired, rest. If you feel vigorous, walk a little more, but only as much as recommended. Lying in bed for days on end can often cause blood clots, stiffness and discomfort. So, to promote good circulation and prevent discomfort, move more and more each day, by introducing stretches from time to time.

Avoid smoking

Are you a passionate smoker? Do you vape? While smoking generally isn’t good for your well-being, it becomes more threatening after surgery. So, the experts advise patients to refrain from smoking or vaping for four weeks before and after the cosmetic procedure. Smoking is known to slow down the process of scar healing, so you’ll want to start quitting as soon as possible to make the recovery process fuss-free and withstand the no-smoking period easily.

Self-care is vital

Looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after your mental health. With self-care, you’ll cover all the bases and make the cosmetic surgery downtime quick and painless. Before you go to the hospital, set the ambience in your recovery area to return to an enjoyable environment where you’ll feel relaxed. From scented candles to soothing colours and favourite items t help you kill time, surround yourself with everything that makes you happy. When you need alone time, ask for it. The side effects of anaesthesiaand post-op meds include emotional distress, so you’ll need time to yourself. Give your body and mind the space it needs to heal. Your recovery will take time, so make those days as smooth as possible by indulging yourself in every way possible.

Cosmetic procedures will put a lot of strain on your body. However, you can do a lot to speed up the recovery and have you up and running in no time. Follow the tips we’ve listed for a smooth and hassle-free downtime after cosmetic surgery.