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How Can You Keep Your Pet Comfortable Indoors During Winter?

As we transition into winter, it’s not just us who dread the bitter chill and winds. Our pets need some extra care and attention during this period. If you’re looking for ways to make them more comfortable inside your home, we’ve got your back! Follow the tips mentioned below to ensure your pooch stays warm and happy indoors!

1) Create a designated safe space: Your pets may be used to living outdoors or indoors, but having a safe space inside the house is a must. This will help them settle in quickly without getting restless to stay outdoors in the cold weather. Make sure this place is undisturbed.

2) Add a heating pad to their bed: When the weather gets cold, a home heater may not be enough for some of your pets. If you have a shorthair breed of cat or dog, they might get cold easily during this time. Also, pregnant and senior pets may also need some extra warmth to alleviate aches and pains. If you haven’t bought a heated bed yet, you can get a heating pad to pur under your pet’s bed to snuggle up to. Remember not to put any electrical or wired gadgets, but resort to the old school hot water bottle to keep them safe from hazards.

3) Give them affirmations and treats: One of the best parts of having pets is how easily you can train them if you know the trick! Forget about all other techniques and look into the reward or affirmative style of pet training. This time indoors can prove fruitful for you and your pet to develop a stronger bond through training. If you’re looking for yummy treats to pamper your fur baby, you can try yak chews for dogs as a reward! Not only do these delicious bites affirm their sense of security, but also aid in creating a secure attachment and positive relationship with you.

4) Play with them: Keeping pets entertained is one of the most challenging aspects of this indoors phase. They may crave going to the park, but it may be difficult if you live in a cold area prone to snow. However, there are several indoor games that you can create to stimulate your pet’s mind and keep their body working. Creating new challenges like filling toys with treats, using balls, and props to engage their body to tire them out, and using laser lights for cats is a great way to keep them occupied.

5) Focus on their nutrition: Just like us, our pets, too, need some extra loving care through meals when it gets cold. There are several ingredients that dogs and cats can be given to improve their body temperature, coat sheen, and mental health. If you give them packaged food and it’s not working well for the winter, try switching to an appropriate diet style as recommended by a veterinarian. In the long run, your dur child’s meals dictate the quality of their life.

Final Words:

A happy pooch is a warm pooch in the winters! If you make sure to integrate all of our tips into the upcoming months, we assure you a healthy and gleeful pet who will be excited to board up with you!