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Picking The Perfect Wedding Colors: Top 6 Secrets You Need To Know

It can be pretty hard to pick your wedding color, but this is an essential part of every wedding process. Apart from being a reflection of the couple’s style, a suitable wedding color can add to the overall wedding aesthetic.

This is why it is a good idea to decide on your wedding color soon after deciding on a date and a venue. How, then, do you start choosing? It would be best if you considered many things. 

Let’s find out what they are.

Perform research 

When picking the perfect color for your wedding, you need to perform research across fashion blogs, magazines, and other inspirational sources. There you can find stunning bridesmaid dresses in different colors and venues decorated in different colors. You may not want a trendy color, but the different styles you would find would help you decide on the colors that you love.

Decide based on seasons

Another way to pick your wedding color would be to make it a reflection of the season you answer your vows. This doesn’t mean you should only use specific colors during a particular season, but you should be able to style them. 

For instance, if you love pink, you can choose a bright coral color for a summer wedding or a soft rosy color for spring. During fall, you can pair a purple-pink fuchsia with jewelry. You can also add accent colors to help darken or lighten the color palette for the various seasons.

Decide based on the wedding setting

Location matters in choosing your wedding color. When searching for a venue, it would be best to factor in your color palette. First, find out the color you would like to use, then choose if you wish to find your venue or have a color palette you dream of. However, you can select both, especially when considering various types of weddings. 

For instance, outdoor locations, refurbished lofts, and converted warehouses are called blank-slate venues. This means that you can decide to rearrange and beautify the venue based on your wish or vision. In addition, it lets you personalize the venue to your taste.

If the venue you intend to use already has decorations, you can use those details to choose your color. You can decide on the carpet color, the view, modern lighting fixtures, and even wall paints. 

Every little detail can inspire you to choose your preferred color scheme. A color that complements your chosen venue enhances the space’s beauty without clashing. 

Be free to choose colors

You don’t need to be very strict in choosing a color scheme for your big day. However, when the pressure to pick your preferred color is high, you must remember that your wedding color isn’t an all-important element. Though the color can influence your other decisions, like decorations or flowers, it should be a guide, not a rule.  

Every part of the wedding can be a different match. Experts agree that a toned color palette is more stylish than one that matches. This is why you shouldn’t make it a big issue about every detail being color-coded.

Choose based on your preferences 

When undecided about picking the right wedding color, you can look at the colors around you. Take a look at your home decorations. What colors do you often see in your life that would make you happy? Choosing based on such decisions can be an excellent place to start.

Take a look at the color wheel

You don’t have to be proficient in arts to pick the perfect wedding colors, but you can follow certain principles. Generally, colors opposite on the color wheel go well together. This is because they pair warm and cool tones like sky blue and terracotta orange.  

Other colors that can work together are similar primary colors, like blush and lilac or sage green and peacock blue. An excellent way of choosing a good color would be to pair neutral and highly saturated colors like ivory and taupe, then join them with soft complementary colors.


Like colors are essential in interior design, so are they for your wedding scene. How you use them, where you use them, and the amount of hue you decide to use can be vital to your big day. For example, using the wrong color tone on a joyous occasion filled with guests would be very unpleasant. 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t also reduce your occasions’ significance by playing it safe, which might make it boring. To get it right, you must study the tips mentioned above and plan accordingly.