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4 Top Tips for Creating a Garden Focal Point

The most beautiful gardens are full of beauty, character, and intrigue. A vibrant green lawn, a clean patio, and stylish decking are great, but they aren’t enough to create an attractive exterior that wows guests and neighbors.

Blow your loved ones and onlookers away by adding one or more statement pieces in your outdoor space. For inspiration, read these four top tips for creating a garden focal point.

1. Add a Garden Antique

A garden antique will provide your exterior with charm, texture, and intrigue. Your guests will flock to the rare yet beautiful item on display in your outdoor space. Also, some antiques provide combined style and substance, which will make your garden more attractive and functional. 

For example, you could incorporate a genuine sundial into your outdoor space. What is a garden sundial? It is an outdoor timepiece created by the Egyptians as a way of telling the time by using the sun’s position throughout the day. You can guarantee an antique sundial will grab people’s attention and hold onto it.

2. Pick Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are natural focal points that add texture and color to an exterior design. The only downside is that you’ll have to wait for them to grow, but your patience will be rewarded once they are in full bloom.

Climbing roses and honeysuckle are great options that demand attention. Also, they offer a stunning aroma that your family and guests will enjoy from the moment they step into the private outdoor space. Trail climbing plants over a pergola, shed, arch, or doorway to create a stunning focal point your visitors will remember.

3. Turn Everyday Items into Flower Planters

If you’re eager to add interest, color, and texture to your garden, upcycle everyday items into beautiful flower planters. For example, you could incorporate vibrant flowers into an old bicycle’s front and rear baskets. It will allow you to recycle an unloved bike sitting in your shed and is a low-cost way to spruce up your garden. Plus, you can guarantee your guests won’t miss it during a BBQ or al fresco dinner party.

4. Install a Garden Swing Chair

It’s guaranteed that every guest will make a play for a garden swing chair. It’s a fun, relaxing addition to a gorgeous outdoor space, as the soothing movement will encourage relaxation. Also, it will add a splash of charm and cosiness to your exterior design. 

You could happily spend your day sitting in the chair reading a good book, enjoying a hot or cold drink, or chatting with loved ones. Many designs are available to match traditional or contemporary gardens, too, so you’re sure to find a swing seat to complement your garden and taste.

Don’t allow your well-kept garden to become instantly forgettable. Add a focal point that grabs attention and improves its appearance and atmosphere. It will ensure you spend many hours in the space and feel a sense of pride when inviting loved ones to a BBQ, al fresco dinner party, or a morning coffee.