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How to clean your bathroom in 10 minutes?

There is nothing more pleasant than a clean and neat house. Your house is the place where you come for comfort and where you can properly sit back and relax after a busy day. Therefor it is important to keep the place clean. This can be done by a regular weekly cleaning routine.

A regular weekly cleaning routine for homes is not just about a clean and fresh smell but also about keeping yourself and your family healthy. Since bathrooms are one of the places that are used every day to clean yourselves it is equally important to clean the space every day to protect it from becoming a harboring ground for germs and bacteria.

Cleaning and maintaining the bathrooms is not the top priority for people, but still coming to an unkempt bathroom bothers them. Bathroom cleaning doesn’t take a lot of time, but still, if you are one who procrastinates cleaning it to save time, then this article will help you navigate some easy and quick tips that help you clean your bathroom in just 10 minutes.

Get your hands on the right products

The one thing that will save most of your time is getting your hands on the right product.

You need to streamline your cleaning process and choose the products to aid you in cleaning. First, you need to find good scrubbing bubbles, floor cleaners, and a pair of gloves. The Bubbles for scrubbing will help in cleaning soap scums, toothpaste spittle, dry shampoo, etc from the floor, tub, sink, etc, and will ease the scrubbing work for you.

Also, sometimes just cleaning the drain consumes more than 10-20 minutes if it is even slightly clogged. Clogging of drains due to hair leads to stubborn and persistent blockages. In such cases, a powerful drain unblocker, helps you unblock the drains easily and effectively without damaging the pipes.

Follow a routine

After collecting the right products, you should prepare yourself with a routine that you can follow every day.

  • Spray and Soak: The first thing you should do after entering your bathroom has sprayed the bubbles in the tub or bathroom and keep it for some time.
  • Wiping:  Next step is to wipe the tub or bathroom surface with the sponge before moving on to your next step.
  • Spraying the Toilet: Now, jump onto spraying the toilet bubbles and wiping and cleaning with the brush.
  • Cleaning the Mirror: Move to clean the mirror by spraying and wiping it with a paper towel.
  • Cleaning the sink: Put a power drain unblocker onto the sink and spray the faucet with a disinfectant and wipe the sink after pouring some scrubbing cleaner. Now you are all set to go to the shower after finishing cleaning your bathroom.
  • Stacking Back:  Once you are done cleaning your home, and taking a shower, you must stack the products back into the cabinets to keep the place decluttered.
  • Manage your laundry: Make sure you put back your laundry in the laundry bag and do not throw it on the floor or keep it hanging in the bathroom.

To Conclude

Usually, due to the high moisture and laundry, the bathroom becomes a perpetrating ground for bacteria, mold, etc which can be hazardous to your health. Hence it becomes crucial to clean the bathroom and bathroom tools every now and then and keep it fresh. If you are following the 10 minutes routine of cleaning your bathroom, you can choose to deep clean every 10-15 days by visiting the areas which get missed during the weeks and need more time in cleaning.