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Detail DEGIRO Review 2022

Are you searching for a trading platform? Want to trade with some reliable source? In this case, Degiro is the answer. To know more about this platform, read out this article.

The WebTrader platform from DEGIRO is user-friendly and quite well. It can be an excellent option for investors seeking a reasonable trading platform. It doesn’t charge customers for inputs, inactivity, or withdrawals, but it does impose acceptable exchange connection charges.

We are aware that making investments always involves risk. Such choices need to be made with extreme care. Spend some time researching your broker before making a choice.

What is DEGIRO?

Degiro targeted the market with an active approach to establish its position as a standard. As an extraordinary discount broker that provides multi-asset brokerage services in more than 84 commodities, such as equities, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), choices, permits, and much more.

By combining with German online broker Flatex AG in 2021, DEGIRO made history in the stock exchange industry and is now the most well-known implementation trader in Europe with a financial facility.

Account Types:

Basic Account:

Customers of DEGIRO can choose from one type of live account. The Basic account is what it’s called.

The default form of account in DEGIRO is a basic Account, which enables the customer to deal in any commodity without additional fees or restrictions.

Custody Account:

At DEGIRO, a custody account is no longer accessible. It serves as a starting account for novice traders. The clients cannot loan their assets to third parties, unlike the standard account. Due to asset segregation, Dutch regulations mandate protecting customers’ interests even during a broker’s bankruptcy.

Accessibility to debit payments, debt securities, and derivative trading is not available through these accounts. DEGIRO provides Active, Trader, and Day Trader accounts for such operations.


Assets owned by DEGIRO’s customers are held by a distinct legal entity, shielding them from the company’s collapse. It is covered by the German Investor Compensation Scheme, which pays out up to EUR 20,000 in reimbursement to clients for non-return capital losses up to 90%.

Furthermore, deposits made with flatexDEGIRO Bank AG on DEGIRO Cash Accounts are additionally covered by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme up to a maximum of EUR 100,000. According to the standing order, it instantly invests the client’s funds in a money market investment fund after getting them.

Customer Service:

Although affordable pricing seems a strong selling factor, DEGIRO might improve its customer support. It provides free services, including deposits, withdrawals, and inactive accounts. The client must pay operational costs for individualized customer service.

DEGIRO offers customer assistance in 18 languages through telephone calls and emails. They are reasonably adept at resolving the clients’ problems. Email support occasionally goes unanswered, but phone help is generally highly responsive. The unavailability of live chat support for DEGIRO’s customers is a severe shortcoming.

Final Words:

With its banking license, DEGIRO has positioned itself as the top execution-only trader in Europe. The best financial authority in Europe governs it. As a result, it is reliable. With DEGIRO, trading is secure.