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Celebrate your 3rd wedding anniversary with a stylish leather gift

Leather is a traditional gift for celebrating a third wedding anniversary. Traditional anniversary gifts are an old custom, but if you’ve helped someone celebrate their silver, gold or even diamond wedding anniversary, you know they are still popular and meaningful milestones.

If your union is relatively new, you might be coming up to your 3rd wedding anniversary. In which case, you are in luck – leather anniversary gifts are widely available, and can suit all tastes and budgets. So however long you’ve been married, a leather gift is always sure to be well received.

Hell yeah for leather

Leather has been used for hundreds of years. From motorcycle leathers to jewellery, it is a material that can be protective, practical or pretty in the hands of a skilled artisan.

Whilst leather is the material of choice for durability, it also offers a beautiful and highly luxurious feel. But it’s important to choose a high quality leather. Sometimes lower quality leathers have been poorly treated, or manufactured with ‘bonded leather’ –  a mixture of leather fibres and other materials. This can lead to peeling and flaking… Not what you want to symbolise the lasting nature of your marriage!

Quality leather goods develop a patina that becomes even more beautiful with use. Look for full-grain, high quality leather, from companies that use sustainable practices. This gives you peace of mind that you are treating your partner to a truly luxury gift.

Get personal

Leather really lends itself to customising. High quality materials can be embroidered, carved or painted upon. This is perfect for an anniversary gift as you can use stamping or embossing to add initials, personal message or wedding date.

Leather anniversary gift ideas:


If your partner is a whizz in the kitchen, a leather apron is the premium present for the enthusiastic cook. These professionally-designed aprons are perfect for chefs, and great for crafters too. Cross your fingers for a home-cooked anniversary dinner after presenting them with this!


A classic, leather strapped watch is an endlessly chic and wearable gift. This makes a great option for someone who values a practical and timeless gift. Consider personalising the watch with an engraving – the back of a watch doesn’t typically offer much space but initials or a date can add the perfect finishing touch.

Leather Journal

Any stationery lover appreciates a new notebook. And no, you can never have too many. A leather journal is a gift to treasure, holding memories long after the book is full. Leather journals are a beautiful, tactile gift, developing character and a rich patina over the years. Whether it’s filled with a novel, love notes or shopping lists, it’s a joy to use. A refillable journal will last for years, chronicling your story through your life together.


A bracelet is a beautiful gift option. These make good gifts for men or women, as they can be endlessly customised and tailored to suit the style of your partner. A bracelet has added scope for a sentimental twist, as they can often be customised. Look for a leather cuff that holds a hidden line of text on the inside, or an engraved silver/gold tag fastened with a leather cord. Add your wedding date, special memory, or a line from your vows, for a gift to be treasured.


A wallet or purse is the quintessential leather anniversary gift. It’s practical of course, but choose well and it can also be very beautiful. To ensure this gift gets the reception it deserves, the devil’s in the details. The colour, stitching, and feel of the leather are all important here. Monogram your partner’s initials, or a message to make them smile. Elevate paying for the weekly shop into the luxury experience they deserve!

It’s a classic gift for a reason. What other item gets carried everywhere, used daily, and has such ‘can’t leave the house without’ potential? Ok, yes, your phone.

Phone case

Treat your other half’s phone to a luxury upgrade. How about a leather phone case or a pouch to hold the essentials on quick trips or nights out. Phone carriers with long, lanyard straps are currently the chicest way to go ‘hands free’ when you’re out and about.


If your partner is always on the go, get them a backpack that works as hard in the gym as it does on their daily commute. A quality leather backpack won’t look out of place at work, or for a weekend away. It’s an investment gift that combines style and practicality. A reliable travel companion for all of life’s journeys.

Just like your marriage, leather requires a little care and attention to ensure it lasts. Depending on the surface texture, you might consider a suitable waterproofing product, as well as balms that enhance and nourish the natural texture of the leather.

A little time and care for your gift will ensure it only gets better with age. Just like you!