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Four of the best live gaming opportunities for busy dads

Whether you’re aiming to increase your ale intake or you’re after a good book to read, there are numerous ways we can keep ourselves occupied in this world. For many, though, diving in for a live gaming session is mightily appealing, be it on a PC machine or a smartphone device.

Thankfully, given the rise of gaming in the modern world, live gaming opportunities are extensive. For example, when assessing the rise of online casinos, options like Live Baccarat in the UK are being sampled by mobile gamers on a regular basis. These types of games feature live dealers and the ultimate casino ambience, therefore creating an enticing and incredibly authentic product as a result. Other live games provide additional, slightly different benefits, too. With that in mind, let’s take a look at four of the best live gaming options for busy dads.

8 Ball Pool

A favourite smartphone game for many, 8 Ball Pool is a fantastic title to sample for an hour or so. With the ability to play against people from all over the world in a live match-up, it’s one of the most entertaining live games around. After all, we’ve all sampled some pool in real-life at times throughout our lives, haven’t we? Now, thanks to this superb product in the virtual world, you can showcase your pool skills to unknown rivals who are aiming to ruin your win streak and steal your coins. You can take part in tournaments, battle against someone in a foreign land in a one-off encounter, and even fine-tune your game in practice mode. Overall, if you’re in need of a convenient game that can be fired up within seconds and enjoyed with ease, then 8 Ball Pool is it.

Pokemon Go

One you can potentially get the family involved in, Pokemon Go’s ever-changing package makes it one of the most exciting live games out there. Alongside its innovative augmented reality feature, gamers can take down gyms in real-life, battle against fellow fathers, catch a wave of Pokemon that might be sitting in your garden, and enjoy taking down gyms and defending them as and when you can. Pokemon Go is brilliant.

Among Us

One of the biggest mobile games ever, Among Us tasks players with working together to rumble the killer in the pack. With players completing various tasks and the like on a set of different maps, a killer or two could be lurking in the shadows waiting to strike while nobody else is around. Should the killer remain at large and escape the vote, then more deaths couldbe on the cards. Roles can be reversed, too, with seemingly innocent bystanders turning into gruesome murderers in future games. Among Us certainly puts your detective skills to the test, with the game being particularly popular with groups of friends and family members.

Live poker

Alongside the aforementioned baccarat is the option of tucking into a live poker game. Offering a similar type of experience, live poker games are prominent online and enable someone to play a game of poker from the comfort of their own smartphone device or laptop. Live poker products also serve up the sounds of a land-based casino, there’s a dealer who interacts with players during a game, some sites allow you to converse with your opponents through a community chat feature, and the product on offer is genuinely fun and entertaining. Gone are the days when you’d have to invite people around for an evening of poker. Now, thanks to innovative live gaming products like poker, you can enjoy them in your own time.