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Ways To Stay Safe At Home

The concept of safety and the feelings surrounding it are different for everyone. This is also true depending upon your age or stage in life, as well as those around you. So, if you need to learn how to stay safe at home, read on for some important tips. 

Add Fire Extinguishers to Your Home

If you do not already have fire extinguishers in your home, do not hesitate to run out and get some. You should have one in the kitchen, garage, and on each floor of your dwelling. They need to be in locations that are quick and accessible.

Once you have your extinguishers properly placed, ensure everyone knows their location. Next, they need to be routinely inspected by Fire Extinguisher Servicing experts to ensure their viability and keep you and your family safe. Finally, having a fire extinguisher is important, of course, but everyone who is old enough to operate an extinguisher should learn how to properly use it.

While on this topic, draw up a fire safety plan for your home. Include a drawing of all levels and every exit point. Note a location away from your home where everyone should gather safely to meet, such as a neighbour’s front steps. Finally, if you have small children, show them pictures of firefighters wearing all their gear, including masks. This way, children will not be afraid of firefighters resulting in them hiding instead of evacuating.

Show your children this quick video to introduce London’s most recent firefighting uniform to them.

Install a Home Security System

With the amazing technological advances that have occurred over the past decade, home security systems are now easy to use and easy to install yourself, if you so choose. Do some research online to find the best one for you. Be sure to thoroughly read the reviews as they will give you insight into how current users feel about each system’s functionality. Once you are done reading, review the pros and cons.

The ultimate decision in deciding which home security to go with will likely depend on some or all of the following factors:

  • Affordability – Determine the monthly fee, including everything you want in terms of monitoring and equipment. Inquire about whether the fee will go up after a predetermined amount of time.
  • Amenities – Decide whether all of the equipment available or included is what you will feel comfortable with. Are there features such as 24/7 monitoring? Are fire or water sensor options available?
  • Ease of Use – If a security system is difficult, you are less likely to use it. As such, opt for one that has an app for your phone and a base keypad located near each entry point in your home. Make the process seamless so you will utilize it as intended.

Of note, you may receive a discount on your home insurance premiums when you install a security system with monitoring. Inquire with your insurance provider for this or any other safety discount options.

You do not need to worry needlessly about home safety. Be proactive, instead. By taking a few simple steps, you can put a plan in place and implement safety protocols easily and effectively.